Should the green bars go higher than the FTP diamond?



Just having a look at some past training weeks and comparing the how high the green bar is compared to the grey FTP diamond. Should the bars (on a completed week) be higher? Or is that just my graph?


can you share a pic of your graph for reference?



Speculation on my part, but they vertical axis is universal for all display properties. Meaning that the 400 is used for the TSS value that shows the week (green bars), as well as the FTP diamonds.

So, the FTP can be estimated by looking at the vertical position on the axis. The ones on the left are around the 250w range.

With a universal axis like this, there can be wide space between the diamonds and bars if your TSS is say in the 600-800 range, while FTP is in the 200-300 range.

Does that make sense?


I’m having a bad few months. I started with TrainerRoad ages ago, but I misunderstood what deleting records meant (I thought it would help, like Nate said, give me a little self kudos as I hit new PRs, not actually delete all my rides).

I just noticed that in my good two weeks my green bars are at the same height as FTP.

(I then had a tyre split on the trainer, when I did my FTP is judged me so low that even when I repeated it, it took approx 25 minutes to ramp up so I was too tired. Like I said, a few bad months , oh well.)


That makes perfect sense, thank you. Just wondered if there was a ‘smart’ axis for TSS that adjusted it to match FTP diamonds.


Don’t want to say TSS has nothing to do with FTP but, in this case the green bar (TSS) has basically nothing to do with the diamond (FTP). Higher green bars will raise the line (6 wk daily avg) or chronic training load (CTL) in other fitness apps such as Training Peaks and/or WKO+…

edit: CTL in WKO+ is a little different (better?) as it’s a daily rolling avg while TR is a weekly…


I’d say no.


That doesn’t seem to be the case. My diamonds are up around 700 but my FTP is in the 300’s. There doesn’t seem to be a reference for the diamonds. They seem to be placed more or less randomly on the Y axis and only meant to be seen in relation to other diamonds. Unless my graph has fallen victim to a software bug. But what you are saying makes perfect sense whether or not it’s actually happening.


Copy that. FTP diamonds appear to be variable/not related to the numerical axis directly.


It’s as if the FTP is being doubled then graphed? Maybe log off then on and see if that corrects the issue. If not, and have them take a look.


I think a solution here is that rather than having two axis with the exact same number ranges basically notating TSS averages, the primary axis should graph your weekly TSS & your 6 week TSS average which should be on relatively similar scales.

6 week daily average shouldn’t be graphed (so no change here), and then the secondary axis should scale according to your FTP & its fluctuations.


TSS has nothing to do with your FTP. It’s intentionally a metric that factors out your FTP, so that you can compare riders of different power with a common metric.

So the two numbers being graphed (TSS and FTP) are unrelated and just sharing a graph.

On the other hand, the green bars being above or below the grey average line does carry some meaning.


Correct, the difference between the gray line (somewhat similar to CTL) and the green bar (similar to ATL) is, in effect TSB.