Shoveled snow for an hour and bombed my workout


I’m in New England it was very wet heavy snow so I’m sure it tired my legs out. I shoveled about 10 am, ate at 11, and started the ride at 2. The workout was Palasade in SSB2. I knew things were off when the first interval hurt. I made it almost halfway and my legs simply weren’t there.

My question is: Should I have known this was going to happen and chosen a shorter workout? Maybe rescheduled? I thought about riding first and then shoveling.

I’ve been crushing the rest of my workouts.


Yep something like heavy snow shoveling can take its toll. Was basically a gym workout. Always put your ride above any type of household chore, rides are more important anyways :wink:


This, obviously.

I’d say that you could have known and just planned something else, but I would have likely done the same. Though if I start and know I don’t have it - I try and make a decision right in that moment to just decide that what I did that day was already enough, or if I should maybe do a ride at lower intensity.
The snow was heavy today… call it good and don’t worry about it.

If riding first was an option, that’s personally what I would have done and do often. Shoveling would have taken a little longer though lol.


Yes, ride first, shovel later.

Now you know for next time. :slight_smile:


Here’s my post on shoveling snow on another thread on this forum. I counted it as a workout for sure!


My kids had lessons…So I had to get them out by noon…Next time I’m up at 6 to ride…


I worked out first shoveled later (a little north of Boston here). It was tough to break the frozen layer of snow/ice, but figured I’d rather shovel tired than cycle tired!


Did Spanish Needle yesterday THEN dealt with snow. Gotta have your priorities right!


I have learned


I had the same thing last week where I had to dial down and then bail on Geiger +2 after an hour the day after digging a trench for four hours (and Kaweah). I’d been working hard in the yard all week and it caught up with me finally. No shame in it. I anticipate it better now… lesson learned.


Also North of Boston here. Shoveled in the morning and hit Mount Goode for my session in the afternoon. Best training ride I have had in a month. Different strokes I guess.


I did my workout first, then shoveled. The snow was heavy and really built up near the road. All I kept thinking to myself is “I hope this doesn’t affect my next workout!” :grimacing:


Even better than riding first and shoveling later is finding some neighborhood kid to do it for $20


This thread is a comfort, I thought I was weak! I shoveled for 2 gruesome hours then barely made it through half of Wright Peak -2 before falling apart.


i would like to commiserate as well. I spent about 2-2.5 hours shoveling Sunday morning and wouldn’t you know it, my ramp test the next morning didn’t go very well.