Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

I’m slowly gearing up to build up mine but I’m still confused, what bottom bracket standard is it? Are you using a bb30 crankset or a gxp one?

Specialized calls it out as
“BOTTOM BRACKET OSBB, Praxis bearings”

I asked this question to my LBS that built it up and it is a BB30 crank. The crank is installed with no issues but the OSBB thing confuses me as well!

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See in one sentence you have been more helpful than specialized with their entire website and pile of manuals :rofl: Seriously, why can’t they bloody just state that on their website…

Are you getting any creaks etc. with their bb bearings?

I haven’t had any issues or noises but I just built this up and I live in Canada so it’s only been on the rollers and trainer so far. The entire drivetrain is incredibly silent though compared to my force cx1 groupset on my Crux.

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A slightly different one: XL Specialized Epic EVO Comp.
Upgraded to a Rotor 2inPower crank, and Hunt XC Wide wheels.
Off to the Cape Epic with it in March.

PS apologies for the photo quality


Finally have the Allez Sprint put together !


Just purchased a CAAD12 Team CNCPT and have a box of new Di2 Ultegra to fit. a Wheels manufacturing BB30A to prevent squeeking. Just unsure on wheels. Sourcing the gromits is a pain for the cable routing


Any Tips on wheels?


Im so much satisfied from my Caad12 which i bought more then year ago (as a winter spare bike), but last season i rode more then my primary bike which is Colnago C60, that i bough second Caad12 same as urs (Team CNCPT)

Just to let u know black version colour which i have is 90 gm lighther than Team CNCPT (same size).

My Caad12 is build with Campagnolo Record 11sp groupset and using Campy BB Cups, without loctite or similar things… No creaking at all in last 9000 km … Regarding wheelset i have also Campy wheelset which i rotate them trough bikes (Campagnolo Zonda, Shamal, Bora 35 tub and Bora 50 tub)… This bike is that good that u have to treat it as a high end racng bike even is not carbon… So plan to put wheels there that will open potential of this bike… Good choice u done :slight_smile:


Weight wasn’t an issue. Just had a budget carbon bike and this was one of the few 54” CAAD12 frame on sale in UK and would take Di2. Was trying to get it all done under £2k but wheels will take it to about £2,2k depending on spec.

As long u consider it as really High End racing machine, and treat like that (and much better then many carbon frames), u wont regret :slight_smile: