Show me your "Aluminati" builds!



Emonda alr5 user here. I came off a Cervelo superprodigy steel bike. Cannot believe how smooth the emonda is, all this talk of aluminium being uncomfortable no longer applies. Such a stiff and responsive frame. I absolutely love it. Purchased new for $1240 AUD and with a new set of kinlin xr31 wheels it comes in at 7.8kg with 105. Sub 6.8kg is very attainable. I don’t think there is a better value real race bike out there. Good luck with your new build


My emonda alr5 I got a little over a year ago. My friend gave me the mavic cosmic wheels which I love also. First ever road bike for me.


Here’s my Bowman Palace:R frame. I’m getting some nice carbon wheels for it this year, but it’s a cracking frame and very reasonably priced.


2016 Trek Emonda ALR5 for me. Just upgraded to Vision Metron 40 and usually run the Corsa G+ tires. Very smooth ride.


Im building up a CAAD 12 as we speak to fill in the gap developed when my older Cervelo cracked. That bike is now a dedicated trainer mule, and I needed a not so expensive road bike, as road riding is not my main pursuit.


I like nice things. So CAAD 12 it is. I’ll share when she’s done.


My Canyon Ultimate AL SLX. You get their awesome, superlight SLX fork (1 1/4" steerer) off their flagship carbon model. I’ve built it with Chorus 11 and de-stickered Zonda C17’s. Rides like a dream.


How tall are you out of interest? Trying to gauge whether I should downsize.


My dedicated crit race bike, Caad12 black inc. w/ 52mm carbon wheels with White Industry Hubs. Ultegra mech groupset and 53/38 gearing. She purrs


Before reading your comment, my thought was, “Wow, that bike is beautiful. If only it had some kick ass carbon wheels on it.” Then I saw your comment, and was like “atta boy!” Haha, oh, the emotional roller coaster.




I have two aluminum Cdales: a 2017 CAADX Apex 1 and a 2016 CAAD12 with SRAM Force 1. They’re both great bikes, but I feel like my 12 is just a little too big (it’s a 52, I wish I would’ve gotten a 50 because my legs are so short). I’m still considering selling it and just buying another nice set of wheels for the CAADX.

The 12 is stiff, fast, and responsive as hell. It’s a beast. Here’s a pic from when I first got it:

The X is also fast, but it’s far more comfortable than the 12. This was the only bike I had for nearly two years, and it’s still the best bike I’ve ever owned.

Here’s and older pic in “road mode”:


How much did this build cost?




Took a while to get around to taking a picture. Ready for today’s race, which didn’t go to plan, at all :rofl:


I love that color setup. Nice.


It was either this or an Allez and I need the stack of a CAAD12. It replaced a Hi-Mod Evo and I regret nothing, would buy again.


Did you build that up yourself? (or are you outside the US?) I don’t recognize the build level…


That’s the late 2017, early 2018 frameset color (orange was out too); bought a “cheap” R8050 group off eBay. I’m in Texas.


SWEEEET Me too :wink::+1:t4:


Thank you. I’ve never seen another one in the flesh. Guessed that they weren’t particularly popular :wink: