Show me your "Aluminati" builds!



Very nice!

I was in the same position but stack wasn’t the factor. Finding a 2016 CAAD12 frame/fork/post for $400 made spending at least twice that for the Allez seem pointless. With the 5mm headset cap on the CAAD the position is almost identical between the two.


+1 for the CAAD12


Snap - can’t vouch highly enough for the Palace:R as an aluminium racer!


What advantages would an aluminum frame have over its carbon counterpart?


I have both a CAAD12 and supersix hi-mod

  1. the CAAD12 is 1/2 the price for minimal weight difference. So if you’re racing crits and dont want to break a carbon frame (i’ve broken two) it’s a worthwhile alternative.
  2. the CAAD12 is stiffer in a sprint than the supersix. It’s also stiffer overall, so on a long road ride it is less compliant than a carbon frame. But in terms of all out power delivery its stiffer when you need it.


@Stu_Richards, I’m 6’3" or 6’4" and I ride a 58cm.


Hmm, I’m 6.1 (185) long in the leg, short in torso so might be able to go 56. Think I’ll have to try before I buy.


I am 180 cm with long legs, short torso. I have Caad12 in 58 and it is just fine, but I think I would get a 56 if I was buying the frame now.


The beauty of a Ventana Hand built frame.


Geezz not many Allez’s here… its a bit of a CAAD fest,

Luck I sit in both camps :stuck_out_tongue:
My 2018 Allez in day glow colours running Sram Red the OG edition(10sp)
and some 38mm carbon rims.

and my CAAD 10, running Ultegra Di2
I have since been running a set of Giant aluminium rims and been very surprised by the ride quality.

After coming off a BMC RM01, I have been really happy with the change, and almost consider it an upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


How does it go up (and descend) Arthur’s? :wink:


When comparing this Allez to my other carbon bikes, it is just amazing to see the value. If Sagan can race to a podium on one, then it has all the capability required for an amateur like me. The crankset is now a color matching Dura-Ace 7800.


What did you get it down to weight wise? 15-15.5 is definitely achievable with these with a nice set of race/training wheels and other upgrades.
Very, very, very clean.


It’s at about 17.5 lbs, but I wasn’t trying to make it lightweight. The only pieces of carbon on it are the stem and bottle cages. The wheels in particular are so heavy, but they look so good; they are late ‘90’s aluminum Cosmics.


Still 17.5 for a race bike nothing to shy away from. I may get one this weekend. Maybe not as my do it all bike, but crit and flat-ish road races. They just look so mean.


I use it for precisely what you have described, plus almost all training and any travel. My Tarmac sees less use actually because of it. I would highly recommend the Allez to anyone.


What’s the allez sprint like in terms of comfort?


I think the claims that aluminum bikes are noticeably more jarring and less comfortable on a longer ride are a bit exaggerated. To correct my previous post, my Allez also has a carbon seatpost and fork which helps dampen vibration. I find that I can still ride long (3+ hrs) and feel pretty good over Texas chip seal roads. The fatigue I feel is mostly due to the position I have on the bike which is probably a touch more aggressive than ideal.


Straight up race bike that’s slammed. If you’re not used to the geometry of something like that it could cause some discomfort over the long haul of an endurance ride.


FWIW Allez vs CAAD12 are within 1mm of each other for stack and reach, at least for the 58cm frames. They’re also not so different in geo from most race oriented frame sets regardless of the crit racer, hardcore marketing around them. If you’re riding an “endurance” bike with 600+ mm of stack on 55cm frame, they may not be your cup of tea…

Also good to keep in mind that your tire pressure will make far more difference in your overall comfort than your frame material could ever hope to.