Singlespeed Bike Thread



I’ve got a couple of SS,
My MTB KHS Solo-one SE - Love this bike as most of the trails around me a flat, but its soo quiet to ride. do need to replace the hubs as the old hubs are starting to pay up.

And my track bike… :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my equally as beautiful Fuji… :laughing::pensive:

So dirty!! But…at least you know she’s ridden!
(Brave doing white tape in winter lol)

48x16 proves speedy enough on almost everything.
Used to ride a 50x15 Felt until it got stolen. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Gave me big quads and screaming knees so I levelled down a notch.
Bomb proof Mavic rims.
Track geometry so a bit weird at times but 12/10 on the fun-o-meter!
Plus, I :heart: steel.


Ha ha! Yeah a couple of classics there!


ha… Looking through my old strava race files when I was on the SS. Easily the highest HR I’ve recorded on the bike in years… And that’s probably when turning it at 50-60 at best RPM. Some of those segments where if you don’t keep pedaling, you’re gong to end up walking.

Usually in training I have a limiter that tells me to stop going this hard or its going to be a long way home, but when you’re riding your SS, sometimes you either have to ignore that or get off the bike and walk. Tough part is, I know I had to walk a few of those segments, and it usually doesn’t allow too much recovery! Only other higher recorded HR on the bike was during my first mountain bike race in the expert class and it was >90 degrees out. I think my HR was like 120 just standing on the line.


I rode exclusively fixed gear for a period of around 8 years whilst studying in London which included some decent length rides like the Dunwich Dynamo.

When I moved to Scotland gears became pretty much a necessity for most riding. I still have my fixed conversion in the shed but it’s been very neglected for a while now, I will see if I can dig out a photo from it’s prime.


Funny only because it’s true!


Thoughts on whether I should go hardtail or gravel/cx frame for my single speed dirt machine?

I like the idea of a single speed hardtail since I mostly race XC, which means I could get some mtb time when my friends want to go for a gravel ride…but a gravel frame might be more practical?


A mtb frame will be limited in what front chainring you can use. With the new air 9 you can use a 36, my old sir was limited to a 32. I’ve ridden my old sir 32x17 around here on the gravel roads before i got my cross bike and it was quite pedally. Not something i’d want to do often. There are ways to get below a 17 tooth cog, like for a bmx but you will have a hard time finding one designed for a mountain bike.


All-City Nature Boy 853 – the bike I get the most compliments on, and that includes a custom Firefly dream machine.

It’s my commuter, errand-runner and date ride bike with the Mrs. – love this thing.