Skin suit recommendations for Crits



I listened to the previous podcast on aero gains and there seems to be a consensus with most people in the industry that the one of the best aero gains come from a skin suit.

What are some recommendations for skin suits that don’t leave our wallets empty buy provide an advantage over a two piece?


I’d recommend a road speed suit (with a couple small pockets in back) vs. a TT speed suit that doesn’t have pockets. IIRC Castelli was one of the first to come out with their San Remo suit. Others have followed and now most manufacturers make a road speed suit that is designed very very similarly to the San Remo. Basically you can use it in crits, road and even the ITT w/o much aero penalty compared to one w/o pockets. Some manufacturers I’ve tried AND recommend:

And finally Ale. They made one as well but, I don’t see a current link. Only tri suits, but, I’d highly recommend them as well if they still make one.

Others that friends have used and like: Vermarc, Louis Garneau, Champion Systems