Skipping base phase 1?


Been training and riding/racing nonstop since November 2017. I’m racing a 50 mile MTB race Sunday then taking two weeks off the bike. I plan to start up again first week of November. My first target event is Sea Otter second week of April. There isn’t enough time to complete Base 1 & 2, Build, and Specialty before the event. I was going to skip Sweet Spot Mid 1 and go directly into Mid 2. I’m carrying a lot of fitness so I should be able to handle the harder workouts of Mid 2 without any problems… Thoughts…Opinions?


Have you done a lot of structured indoor training before? I did something similar a few years back when I joined TR and found SSBII mid volume crushed me about week 3, even though I came in feeling extremely fit. Might be best to try low volume and supplement a bit in the first few weeks and then “upgrade” to mid volume if you find it too easy or find you can handle the TSS.


Yes…been using TR since 2012.


In my opinion it would likely depend on when you last did SSB1/2. If it’s been a while, may be good to go back to 1 and reinforce that base and also take a mental break from your non-stop year of racing. Even if that doesn’t 100% match up to Sea Otter, you could always do a lean version of Specialty to refine fitness but cut down on that TSS a bit leading up to it to still match your timeline?

Although another thought, do a few weeks of SSB1 then go into a full SSB2 if you have a little bit of flexibility before Sea Otter. My timings are going to be a bit off for my two main targets and I’m doing exactly that since my last SSB1/2 was relatively recent.


I did SSB 1 mid volume last year before I did a Sufferfest/Training Peaks 12 week plan which actually worked pretty well for me. But I like your idea of doing a few weeks of SSB1 then a few of SSB2.