Slow accounts support


Hello All,
I sent 2 questions emails to support and no answer whatsoever, Is this normal here, please?
I am on my trial 1 month and if no reply’s I prefer to move back to other suppliers.
Thank you
Best Regards


Generally I’ve found support to be very responsive and very good. Conscious that a load of new features have been launched recently so its going to be a very busy time in their office and this may be slowing things a little.


Hi, Thank you for the reply, my question relates to my account is 3 days old,
I think is a bit long for a reply, but i will wait a bit longer,
Thank you
Best Regards


You can send a follow-up to the auto-reply you should have gotten. Just tell them this is older than expected before hearing back. If you did not get an auto-reply, then your message did not go through.


Hey Lucsi,

Oh, nooo! We do our best to respond to anyone that emails us as quickly as possible, so I want to make sure you get in touch with a Support Agent soon here!

I’m not seeing the three-day old email from you, however, I’ll check to see if it may have been incorrectly filtered out of our main Support email queues.

Either way, I’m putting someone on my team in touch with you immediately.

I’m really, really sorry about the delay here! Keep an eye out for a response from one of us shortly. :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the reply, That is all i wanted someone to notice me, Thank you and i am looking foreword to your reply,
Best Regards


BTW i sent my first email from the Application IOS Iphone ad i used Contact support and sent the email from there,

Only as a information for yourself

Best Regards


Yes, absolutely! It’s a fail on our Team’s end if someone feels as though they’ve gone unnoticed if they submit a ticket to TR Support.

I’m glad you said something though! That way, we can make sure we sort everything out.

One of our agents is currently typing up an email to you. :slight_smile:


And this is good to know! I’ll see if we can find that email, and we’ll merge it into the conversation you and our Agent, Meghan, have from here on out.

Thanks for being understanding, Lucsi!


I’ve always had same day responses.


Hello Trswem, This evening I got a reply from Alex and he promised me that a coworker will reply back to me soon, The reply was very professional and I’m regaining trust (I am a brand new customer)
I am happy now that I was noticed.

Many thanks for your reply,
Best Regards


Hi Alex, I’m also waiting for a response although I only sent it yesterday afternoon. I’m assuming you guys are swamped with support for the new features but just want to make sure my question went through! Happy Friday :grin:


Not only have I received pretty quick and personal replies, I’ve gotten follow ups a few days later to check everything is ok. Dealing with @NickThomTR at the moment and it’s been first class.


We’re certainly workin’ away diligently at the queues. :slight_smile:

Ha! I promise, I’m not making this up- I just looked into your open ticket, and it turns out our Agent, Christian is currently working on it! (Again, I swear I’m not just saying that because you posted here. :laughing:)

And, just so everyone knows, it’s extremely rare for us to not receive a support ticket or somehow misplace it. :slight_smile: If you’ve emailed us, we’ll be getting back to you as quickly as possible!


Thank you! Have a nice weekend


Definitely not normal. I’ve sent 20+ emails to support (many beta related - I swear I’m not high maintenance), and almost always have a reply within 24 hours if not the same day. The one time that comes to mind where I didn’t get a response it was because the response went to my spam folder, which isn’t TR’s fault. I’ve been very impressed with the support that TR has provided, both in initial promptness as well as follow up on issues. At least in my experience, support is one of TRs strong points.


Thanks for the kind words, @toyman. :blush: We do our very best!


Hello All,
Thank you for all your reply’s As I mentioned earlier I already got a reply from Alex and I am happy now to wait.
His email put me to rest and happy to wait.
As I am a new customer I was not aware of the new products released hence I was waiting for a quicker answer.
Now i know TR are busy with some extra email support i am happy to wait my turn
Many thanks to all, especially Alex replying to me earlier this evening.
Best Regards


Hi guys

I sent an email in a few days ago (a series actually with more information in each) and have yet to receive a repsonse. Prior to that I did get a very quick reply on a different query.

Thanks in advance.


Hey, @jonbar123. It looks like you may not have received our response! :frowning: This was our fault though (our response to you was submitted as something called an “internal note”). Check your email now, and you should see it. :slight_smile:

Juliana will take care of ya from here!