So tell us about your A Race for 2019


Harlem Skyscraper…go fast…don’t crash. Easier said than done.


Haute Route double-Pyrenees and Alps 2019.
I did it this year-its a fantastic event. I trained doing lots of long days in the hills here in Perth, Western Australia - trouble is our max elevation is just over 200m. For next year I plan to do a full trainerroad plan- sweetspot base 1+2, Sustained power build, Climbing road race specialty phase over 6 months. Since getting back from the event in September Ive got onto trainer road with a Kickr and the improvements I’m seeing already are very positive. I’ll end up substituting a lot of the base km’s with outdoor rides over our summer/autumn.
I just mapped it out and my plan will start Jan26- Australia Day! Hopefully thats auspicious.


Cyclocross Nationals in Australia. Next season hasn’t been released yet but it’ll be in August 2019.


UCI 2.2 stage race over 8 days in May. Hoping to make it through.

Took a bit of time off due to work and had a 3 week holiday at the end of the year. Ramp test the day after getting back has me at 4.1 W/kg so a lot of work to do as I reckon I’ll need to get to in or around 5 W/kg. ShouL be able to shift some weight. Up to 74kg from 66kg.


TransAlp mtb race, July 19.

7 days, 500Km, 18,000m climbing…:open_mouth:


Haute Route Alps 2019!

Equally excited and scared!

Be good to see you there @Dsofield!


Haute Route Asheville in May and Mt Ventoux/Alpe d’Huez in September!

Equally excited and scared sounds about right here too :smile:


Debating/depends on qualifications and training/planning.

I am looking at either the Age Group World Championships 35-39 division for Aquabike in Spain in May and/or the Aquabike National Championships in Florida in Nov. I might qualify for World’s this season through points but I am not sure. I am also not sure if I want to do worlds this year if I do qualify.

I will only have 4 months of good solid training and I want to make sure I can do the 75 mile bike in sub-3 hours.

My trial run at the end of September (after a peak, 294 watts in a 40k TT, for a race in mid Sept) was 50 miles in 2:04 with an average power of 253 watts. I have been super inconsistent with the training since and expect to remain inconsistent until the beginning of the year…


Tour of Cambridgeshire? So, erm, no hills then? :sunglasses:

Sounds wonderful


My A Race, if I may call it that, is the 2019 Seattle to Portland ride. 200 miles over two days. Not a race, but I’ll be glad if I can finish it!


My A event for 2019 is the Dartmoor Classic Sportive local to me.

Did the ‘Medio’ route this year (67 miles / 6,200 ft elevation) as my first ever Cycling event, so stepping upto the ‘Grande’ for next year (107 miles / 10,090 ft elevation). Training starts at the end of November!


Finishing my Masters next year so XCO provincials and hopefully a Canada Cup if I can make it fit, but really I too am waiting on 2019 calendars.


Hey mate nothing to be scared of. Do your training and you’ll have a fantastic experience. See you there!



Canadian National TT+RR (Master’s) :canada::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:

You heard it here first!


Theee day Stage race that takes place in Killington, Vermont around the ski resort in May. And then if all goes well, Mount Washington Auto Road Assent in August. Crossing my fingers that I get in on the lottery.


I’m hesitant to plan anything right now. I had a whole 2018 planned with races, charity and fondo rides but that was mostly derailed with my wife’s concussion recovery (and early season logistic issues). If I had to just pick one thing it will be to finally get to the King Challenge in Oct since the cause is near and dear to me and my wife. There is a 3 day charity ride from NYC to DC I’d love to do, but there is a wait list to get accepted so no guarantees there. Besides that, I’d love to do some traveling to some different rides. I’m open to suggestions, I have a few in mind but would love to hear other ideas.


Paris-Brest-Paris in August.

It is one of the most popular events for randonneurs held every 4 years. It’s 1200 km, a tad over 10,000 m of climbing, with various starting times, depending on which time-limit you put on yourself. The most popular is 90 hours. That is where the party is. It starts on a Sunday evening, in waves of 300. The speed demons start at 16.00 the same day, Sunday, and must complete within 80 hours Those who want a normal day-night cycle can start at 05.00 on Monday and finish with 84 hours.

Randonneurs don’t “race”, so the only thing that counts is that you finish within your allotted time-limits. If you chose 80 and finish at 81, you are counted as “out of time” and your result doesn’t count, even though there are 84 and 90 slots.

In order to qualify a rider has to do a series between now and the end of June consisting of brevets of 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. My first 200 will be in April.

There is a saying: Cyclists riding sportives pretend they are racing. Randonneurs pretend they aren’t.

I’ve done it before. There are no mountains, but it is hilly, hilly, hilly … the whole time. Fitness and the ability to handle sleep deprivation is the key to success. It’s mental.


My A race for next year is the RBC GranFondo Whistler starting from Vancouver, Canada. I did it this year and it was an amazing ride, well organized and had lots of energy. Epic scenery too. Apparently the top 25% of each age bracket qualify for the 2020 event which is the UCI World Championship GranFondo race. This will be a stretch goal for myself!


There is a bridge, might be a big bridge… :wink:


@samuri28 I’m also thinking of Spain in (early) May, middle distance Tri, with the obvious concerns about prep during the Northern hemisphere winter.
But TR should be perfect for that!
I’m started on SSB1, and plan to continue through SSB2, 1/2 IM build and then a slightly modified full IM specialty phase given that the distances are 2/3rds of a full IM. I have only used the Sweetspot plans in the past and am looking forward to finding out what Coach Chad has in store with his Tri plans.
If you’re struggling with consistency / motivation, join me and we can compare notes :smiley: