So tell us about your A Race for 2019


Did that this year, an absolutely amazing day and I owe it to TrainerRoad for completing it in a decent time.
Was hoping to do the 225 route and absolutely smash it next year but was sad to see it’s sold out already!


My A race for next year is Kona. Assuming I make it to the start line fit and well I think I’ve got a legitimate shot at the top 5 in my AG.

Obviously that’s not entirely in my control and depends on who else is on the start line and in good form as well. It will need a great race from me after a solid 2019 of training but I think it’s potentially a realistic goal.


Ironman Wales. Sep 15th 2019



@joddly Yay for potential Multisport Worlds friends!

The lack of consistency over the past month and coming month was due to recovery after a peak, a couple of vacations, balancing wife workout and being a present parent for a 2.5 year old… Also towards the end of December I am getting snipped and I am not sure how quickly I can get on the bike after minor surgery.

I do have my second Aquabike of the year on Sunday to attempt to get my qualification spot, hopefully that goes well being rested but not all that trained.

My current plan is SSB1 low volume starting 11/13 + Sunday LSD ride 2-4 hours zone 2 (this will end on 12/22, my surgery date), Disaster Half on 11/25 and Disaster on 12/15
I plan a week of surgery recovery for 12/22-12/31
Hopefully starting SSB2 low volume starting 1/1 (I hate the bandwagon start date but it is what works) + Sunday LSD ride 2-4 hours zone 2
Moving to Sustained Power Build 2/15 low volume + Sunday LSD ride 2-4 hours zone 2 (will probably start putting some intensity into my LSD rides at this point)
March 12 I am looking at Rolling Road Race (they haven’t released the course profile yet) low volume but I am also debating the protocol outlined in:
“Block periodization of high-intensity aerobic intervals provides superior training effects in trained cyclists
B. R. Rønnestad, J. Hansen, S. Ellefsen”

This seems like it might be the perfect peak protocol, especially since the week of worlds I assume will be spent more recovering from jet lag than getting real training in.

Since I don’t have running to worry about I am figuring the swim will just be at a low intensity pace and then treat the bike as an all out 75mile TT.

I like your plan for the distance, the worlds is weird with the 2/3’s full IM distance.


Phoenix marathon. Attempting to go sub 3 while retaining my cycling fitness through the low volume sweet spot base.


thanks for the encouragement and positivity !

i aim to wear a TR jersey for a few days at least - so hopefully we can connect and have a drink (probably a recovery one!)


Great see you there! I’ll be with the two wheel tours crew.

Here’s a picture for inspiration from the Alps this year.


I rode that last year as well and used TrainerRoad to prepare. Good luck in 2019.


ORAMM for me as well! Hopefully we get the full route this year.


Wow, you all are doing something special next year! Congrats!
For me it’s all local;
1: Iron Horse Bicycle Coca Cola Race
2: Bob Cook Memorial
3:Grinn and Barrett Granfondo
4: USA Cycling Masters Road Championship in Colorado Springs
5:Pikes Peak Hill Climb
That’s a lot of A’s, but if you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly. Plus, I ain’t getting any younger!
I just remembered, West Elk Bicycle Classic. They do a Great Event.


You just gave me my A Race for 2020!

Which means Whistler has to be my second A Race for 2019!

A Race 1 – 1st week of June
B Race – 3rd week of August
A Race 2 – 1st week of September
Doable. :+1:

(I think top 25% in my age might be ~4:00…122km/1900m climbing…no problem!)


these are truly EPIC!!

got me very excited now!


@Captain_Doughnutman - Awesome! Glad that you are inspired! I did 4:26 this past year which placed me in the top 26% for my age bracket. For 2019, I am hoping to take at least 15 minutes off my time. 2018 was my first year of structured training and with the TrainerRoad plans now, I feel this goal is within reach.

My B race for next year is the Penticton GranFondo which is early July, so there is good spacing between the two events.


Leadville. I’m hoping I can roll in under 9:30.

Race day will be a great experience, and it’s a good motivation to get out on the bike and hit some long rides when spring and summer roll around.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the temperatures to drop and freeze this soggy ground so I can get out on the fat bike :snowflake::snowflake:


Just IM Texas - with a sub 11:30 goal.


+1. 4th time 2019…
Awesome event and brutal, even the B track 119 km 3848 mtr is character building. Respect to the A track racers 210+km and 7119 mtr climbing.


My A race… the “24 Hours In the Canyon”. Its a 24 hour MTB endurance race that all money raised goes to cancer projects. I Lost my father May 4th to cancer and raced it for the first time in June, my heart was in the right place but my training was no where near where it needed to be to win a race like that. On lap 3 I ate it big time in a fast down hill section tearing my left MCL, thanks to my son I was able to make it back to medical where they said my race was over, I took some time to myself to fall apart. I reached up to my neck where I keep my fathers ring and I just asked myself if I was done, 15 minutes later I was kitted up and asking the race director to proceed. I rolled back out onto the singletrack doing the best that I could under the circumstance, 21 hrs into the event I could not longer peddle my bike, my leg/ knee was badly swollen. my heart kept saying keep going but my leg was done., I ended up 4th in class and 10th overall 8 laps off the lead.

2019 I will be on top of the podium for 24 Hour Solo geared overall and my Dad will be at my side.


Grand Junction Epic Rides May 17th

If i can get my FTP up to 240, hoping to do the 40mi race!
Pre-rode it last year and man it is techy is some spots


Donegal ultra 555km race in June. Ireland😃


Ironman Mont Tremblant.

I am hoping to go Sub 14, and if the training / weight loss goes well maybe, just maybe Sub 13.