So tell us about your A Race for 2019


Track - National masters IP March 2019. State Masters January B race.

Was thinking about doing a Mini blog on here since I ride 4-8 hours a week and my training is all over the shop. Current pace is national gold medal speed.



It’s now official :+1:t3:


On the podcast, @Jonathan mentioned there being more and more "bucket list’ races (epic enduro type races) on the calendar which is seemingly reducing the “regular”/local race calendar events. Has anyone else noticed this?

From a quick & dirty browse though this thread finds most A Races fall into the “epic” category (e.g. Leadville) with a very few “regular” events (e.g. Nationals). Will the new normal be for higher/est calibre amateur athletes to compete in these epic gravel races rather than the traditional events? It would be discouraging to see things like National (or even State) championships lose lustre/prestige but with pro team EF Education First–Drapac p/b Cannondale :neutral_face: announcing their foray into non-trad events, this trend seems to be solidifying.



Hi, I was in the HR Pyrenees this year…we may have bumped into each other!?


Main focus will be MB-Race. 140km, 7,000m climbing in early July.

2nd focus will be the Manx100. 100miles, 5,000m+ climbing in late July.
I’ll also probably do the Manx8, a new 8 hour lap race here on the Isle of Man in mid May as a training event.


Boulder Roubaix
Firecracker 50
Masters Road Nats
Gateway Cup

These are the events I care the most about. Boulder could be a ‘B’ race and Gateway Cup is just a fun way to end the road season, but would like to be peaking for it if it’s not too close to Road Nats.


My “A” race isn’t a race - it’s a week in Mallorca in early June - going to put in as many miles as possible and want to be at peak fitness when I’m doing it.


Little bit. Aside from the expense and time commitment of training for Ironman 70.3 races, this is one of the reasons I don’t have an ‘A’ race next year - I just want to do a lot of local sprint triathlons, and volunteer at them when I’m not racing them.


Doing a few Belgian cyclo cross races between Christmas and New year hoping to have decent form by then, Also doing the Haute route alps 2019