So tell us about your A Race for 2019


Hi mate

I recognise your name so I think we probably did thee together at some stage


See you there!


Look forward to it. Make sure you get your hotel booking sorted out as soon as possible. The new starting place is bound to create some chaos.


The plan is Liege Bastogne Liege sportive in late April but because traveling to the EU could be difficult we haven’t booked yet and the usual Chateau we rent has already been booked by someone else :frowning: We might extend and do Fred Whitton as an A race if don’t do Lliege. I Like my A race early in the season so the rest of the summer is riding for fun (and I don’t feel like I’m going to have an issue taking a couple of weeks holiday off the bike).


This year A race is going be Candian Enduro Nationals in Panorama.

Training has started…
Hotel is booked…


I have 2 very different goals - a 24 solo and sub hour 25 mile TT on a standard road bike. Not sure yet how I am going to train for both but its a challenge.


Not exactly an A race, but this is a bucket list race I’m doing.

Going to try and make it up the wall without putting a foot down. Thinking I might need a different cassette, but at least I’ve got a compact, and I will probably ride 28’s with pressure dialed down a little bit. I know @Nate just said that a TT bike is always faster, I don’t have one! 2017’s fastest bike split was a 2:45, most people are 3hours + so the average is < 20 mph so you’re either climbing or descending.


After getting excited about aiming for DK200, and subsequently realising how much it would cost me to come from the UK, I’ve kept the distance but located it a touch closer…

300km, 3900m elevation. I’m targeting a sub-10 hour result, which would put me in about the top 5% of finishers. I’m already well in to SSB2HV, so unfortunately will end up peaking far too soon for it as it’s not till June 9th. I’m thinking about doing moving on to:

  • Build - Sustained Power Build

  • Speciality - Rolling Road Race, which will allow me to keep VO2max for fun summer rides, probably some road races etc… I’ll take out the 7th week which I gather is part of a 2 week taper, as otherwise I’d overshoot my event

  • Build - Sustained Power Build. So I’m basically peaking for my event with build. Is that a bad idea? I’m definitely more of a steady state rider, so feel this would put me in a good place, but it’d be great to hear if anyone thinks it’d be better to do Base>Build>Build>Speciality given the amount of time I’ve got.


Doing a specialty phase before trying to build again seems a bit counterintuitive to me.

Perhaps repeat base/build before specialty leading up to your event? If time is too tight for that you could just put in a base/build/specialty cycle which does fit in the timeline and just get as far into what you are currently planning as you can.


I think my timing is probably similar to yours, in that my A race is l’Etape du Tour on 21st July and I am 2 weeks in to Traditional Base I.

I decided to do extra base training before my 28 week BBS program starts.

My current thinking is Traditional Base I -> TB II -> Sweet Spot Base I -> SSB II -> Sustained Power Build -> Rolling Road Race.

There’s a post on this from Chad here


Thanks @neil - I knew I’d seen an article about it but couldn’t hunt it down. :fist_right::fist_left:


I’m usually more of a XCM kind of pain lover doing 100+ km as my usual A and B. But for the 2019 season som friends tricked me in to signing up for l’Etape du tour :dizzy_face:

But we’ll see if I can’t sneak in som trails late in August. :sunglasses:


Well 2019 will be my 4th year of cycling and 40th birthday so I think I’ll be doing Italy Divide in April and then have another crack at Silk Road Mountain Race in August.

I have used TR since the start. Year 1 was La Marmotte, Year 2 Transcontinental, Year 3 SRMR (only made it to the 1100km mark due to a bad season of training/injury and general mental weakness).


My A race for 2019 is going to be Spakwus Stage Race - a 50km then 35km XCM stage race in Squamish BC. This race took over when the Test of Metal ended two years ago.

Squamish has some unique features that would not usually be included in an XC race…
Photo of  in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo of Greg Day in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Greg Day riding his local trails and having a great day.


I’m thinking about doing LBL as well if you fancy a meetup!


That 1100km mark is still pretty amazing to hit! You’ve got me looking at all of the footage I can find from SRMR, I’d love to do that one day.


Nice! Hubby and I have a 10 day trip through the Pyrenees on the schedule. Endurance will be the name of that game.


Haute Route San Francisco

For any TrainerRoaders looking to do a Haute Route event in 2019: I’m an ambassador, so if you haven’t already registered, DM me for a discount code.


Training for my first, possibly last, just-make-it-over-the-line full distance Triathlon :sweat_smile:

Outlaw Nottingham at the end of July. My B race is a half, three weeks before!


You can probably plan on racing Mount Washington. That event has not been selling out like it used to, even though it is still very popular. I know guys who signed up a week or so out from the race this past summer. If you’ve never done it, the Rock Pile is its own kind of religion. I told myself I would do it once, but now I am obsessed.