So tell us about your A Race for 2019


I used TR to train for 2018 312 as well. Just the job :+1:


I’m planning on doing an IM race here in Asia, probably either Korea, China or Taiwan, hopefully to grab a Kona slot for the following year. Just need to survive Christmas and New year without too much weight gain!!


Marji Gesick 100. In the U.P. of Michigan a “race” consisting of 106-ish miles and 12,000 feet of elevation gain of rough Singletracks. The race is unsupported with no aid stations. Go sub 12 hours and you get a belt buckle but that only happens to less than 10% of riders. Fail rate is 30-60% depending on the year and the weather. Bring it on!


The A race is Reef 2 Reef, a four day MTB stage race in North Queenslandin August. I did ok this year on not enough training and carrying an extra 8-10 Kg than I should. The plan is to get my weight down and hopefully be top 20 solo (I was 28th this year).

I am also planning on doing XCM nationals in May, next year, it will be the first time I’m eligible for the full race and it’s a 15 minute ride from home. Again, I did ok at the half marathon supporting event this year and if I can get the weight down I could do OK for my age. I’m just hoping to be allowed to ride as I’m recovering from AC joint reconstruction surgery after being hit by a car.


This year:

Land Run = C
Open Range = B
Robidoux Quick and Dirty = B

All of CX season = A

Just kidding, State Championship CX Late October = A, but I do want to excel at cross in 2019.


A: Czech and Slovak 24hr mtb nationals 8.-9.6,2018
B/C: several mtb marathons and mtb uphill TTs


A “Race” is Liege Bastogne Liege, the full 274km.

I haven’t decided after that, originally it was going to be a 300km audax, but might just pedal around Liege for 16km to get over that target. Tempted to reboot for an early summer go at a 400km.

I loved racing this year, but I don’t think the series I want to do will work for me/ the family.


Not entering the dirty reiver then? It’s the U.K. version of the DK200 after all! April might coincide with your training plan a bit better as well

It’s my A race for 2018, I’ve done it every year since it started in 2016 and hoping to get under 9 hrs with the help of TR.


I was mulling it over, but some friends are planning a week cycling in Nice at the same time, figure it’d be a good opportunity to get some hills in - plus I am not a confident descender at all so reckon I can use the practise.

DR next year I think, it looks awesome - good luck!


My A race is one of those “regular,” local road races: Tour of Washington County. Last year there was a really deep field, I did way too much work, cramped and got spit out the back in the last 3km. Bounced back in the time trial (15th) and didn’t do great in the Crit. This year with a lot more experience and hopefully more fitness, I’m planning to go after the sprint jersey.


I was planning on LEJOG this year but will have to push that back until 2020 I think.

Instead, I’ve got a plan to ride from my home on the East coast of Scotland to Applecross on the west coast.

I think I would aim to complete in 2 days, with a stop in Inverness. The two big spikes on there are the Lecht and Bealach Na Ba


Maratona dles Dolomites for me :grin: super excited!


You should check out the racing collective online, they organise a trans Scotland event


Nice - I’d love to do that - maybe 2020.


Just had a look, not seen the Racing Collective before, thanks for the head’s up. The Trans-Scotland they have is serious. 550km, 5000m ascent.

Last year’s winner did it in just under 23hrs.


Yeah, I was hoping to do it but logistics didn’t work out. I did trans wales 2018. via a crazy off road route :slight_smile:


Nice, very close to mine!


Nice! Glad to see there are a few of us “regular” roadies still left! My ‘A’ is pretty much the same – Master’s Nationals weekend – TT, RR, Crit. Are you targeting just the sprinter’s jersey or do you want to be competitive in all 3 races? What training/plans are you going to do? :+1:


Dirty Reiver is an awesome event.

I’ve done all 3 editions and after hitting the wall at the last checkpoint this year I said enough is enough…

Naturally I couldn’t help myself when the entries opened!

New route this year too so hopefully that’ll keep my motivation to train all winter. Easier said than done.



LoToJa - 203 miles through Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. It finishes at the base of the Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Shooting for another sub-10hr finish.