So tell us about your A Race for 2019


First race of the season - Tour of the Southern Highlands Stage Race. For me, this is somewhat of a B race, as our team is travelling down to Georgia from Ohio, and I expect to ride as somewhat of a domestique for a friend of mine. At my current 87 kg, I’m not the climber that this race demands. (I’m working on that, with a weight goal of 83kg for this season)

After that, many local races leading up to the Ohio State Road Race Championship. That’s my A race for the summer, and there are quite a few punchy climbs. The road race scene is dying in Ohio, in favor or shorter, cheaper-to-run crits. Despite the fact that I am a more power-based rider, I hate crits. Moreover, I hate the likelihood of skidding along the asphalt when someone makes a mistake (likely me!).

I will likely target another race in the Fall as an A race, but it’s yet to be determined.


Colorado XC! Come on!


One that is already signed up for us 70.3 IM in Ireland (August) but am contemplating full distance IM in Lanzarote (May) - prices increase at the end of December so have a couple of weeks to decide/convince my wife…


And I’m going to ride along with @Jay so he doesn’t quit.


I’m doing the Gran Fondo New York. It’ll be my first time in this distance and elevation gain. I don’t really have any goals in terms of time, just to finish in one piece.

I’ve been doing TR since mid September, so the timing is perfect to go through the whole plan just in time for the fondo. I’m very excited, but also a little scared of the workouts coming up and of course the big day!




I’m a 61 year old Randonneur living in Sweden. My A race for 2019 is a 1000KM unsupported brevet in July. Leading up to it are 200KM, 300KM, 400KM, and 600KM rides. TrainerRoad took me from off the couch to 600KM last season, so I’m confident my goal is realistic after I complete Trad Base, SSB, Sustained Power Build, and Century Specialty (all mid volume) this season.


So i wasn’t going to do this, but my arms been twisted…

My A-race for 2019 is going back to the French Alps for a weeks worth of riding the traditional climbs there. I did it September 2018 and it was amazing, so I can’t wait to go back.

My stats from 2018 were during that week i did a total of 382.46 miles and 56319 ft of climbing - I’m so excited to be going back! :smiley:


My A race next year is going to be the Etape Caledonia. Finished 6th last year, and I’m aiming to better that next time round. Tour de Yorkshire sportive is my B race, and will serve as a great training ride two weeks ahead of the Etape.


My A-race is Challenge Roth in July. It will be my first long distance tri having raced shorter distances for 7-8 years.

I’m going to nail my colours to the mast and state that I want to go sub 10 at the first attempt. My swim will be around 1:00 and bike around 5:10-5:20. That will leave around 3:30 for the run. My stand alone marathon pace is around 2:35-2:45 so I think I have the component parts. Having said that I appreciate that this is somewhat theoretical. My half distance time for a comparable course is 4:25.

I’m currently finishing the second half of SSBLV and will continue to use TR for my bike prep. I’d like to get to an FTP around 270 @ 4.2w/kg. Currently at 255w and retesting next week.


2019 A race is Flanders Sportive in April


Wish I saw this sooner. I literally booked the day after this comment was posted.


It is the Rockpile for me - the Mt. Washington Hillclimb. 7.6 miles of unrelenting 12 percent grade except the very end, where it gets much steeper to 20+ percent as you kick to the line. Did it for the first time this past year and did alright for a newbie. 1:33:20 put me in the middle of the pack.

Would love to see how much I can drop that time for 2019. Will catch some other hill climbs and maybe a road race or two along the way.


Good luck to you! Thats a tough climb.


LOTOJA is also one of my A races for 2019, I love that race.


My 2019 A Race is the same as my 2018 AR – 21k TT.
Just uploaded the 2018 race to TR to analyse.
W. T. F. :flushed::scream::joy:

Time in Zone:
Coasting/Recovery – 13%
Endurance/Tempo – 30%
Threshold – 21%
VO2/Anaerobic – 36%

That is NO way to ride a TT!!! :rage:
Bad Doughnutman! Bad!

But good to see that my current 5min power (aka ~VO2max) is already 15% higher than it was during the race last year…so technically I should be able to race in the same insane manner and get a faster time! :man_facepalming:


Try a test run of FulGaz as they have that ride on their from the actual event.
2.5 hours long.


Nice to see some others shooting for master’s nats. I’m not sure if I’m going to shoot for just the crit and RR, but I may do all three pending how I feel about TT’s. The Road Race is going to be rough if it’s anything like the CO state RR or early season Air Force. But very fun.


My two are polar opposites. Dirty Kanzaa in the summer. Track Nationals in the fall. 200mi to 200m.


Still in the planning phase, trying to align family and work related travel with training and race plan, but the triathlon de Mont Blanc is set. 1700m climbing on 70k will be tough in a middle distance tri!


Probably the least glamorous so far :smiley: - the ECCA 50 on 11 May.

*50 mile TT on flat dual carriageway