So tell us about your A Race for 2019


In the same boat. Training for XC race season (1-2 hours) and a brutal MTB :100: Marji Gesick (12-16 hours).


As mentioned in a previous thread my A race will be the Leeds leg of the AJ Bell Triathlon, Olympic Distance.
It will be my second Tri, with the first one being my “warmup” race 3 weeks prior.
Any tips specific to the Leeds race from any previous athletes (or 2019 ones for that matter) much appreciated!


I’ve done this race the past few years (with varying results). It’s a great race, love the organizer and his events are always worth the trip. What field are you racing? It’ll be an A- or B+ race for me in the 123.

Looks like my first A race of the season is going to be Valley of the Sun coming up in just six short weeks. I’ve been snake bit at this race the past two years (flat in the TT in 2017 and crashed out of the RR in 2018) and am hoping to finally get a solid finish this year


One A race for 2019: Aug 18: Ironman Copenhagen.

Before that, are B races:
May 12: Montenegro Ocean Lava 70.3
Jun 2: Rapperswil (Switzerland) 70.3
Jul 5-7: Long Course Weekend Wales (Fri: 2.4mi swim, Sat: 112mi bike, Sun: 26.2mi run)
Jul 21: Ironman Zurich

Plan for 2020 is to step back from tri and do long gravel fondos.


Crank the Kanc - A 21.3 mile hill climb time trial that gains 2340 ft going up the west side of the Kancamagus highway through White Mountain National Forest here in New Hampshire. This is an event that I have eyed for a few years now but just haven’t fit into the schedule. I am determined to make it happen this year.

Not sure why I decided to make a hill climb my A race given that I at 6’-1" and 200 lbs I’m not exactly the prototype of a climber, but it gives me something to train for and should let me carry some good fitness into the local summer crit series (which is on flat roads…much more my terrain of choice).


Trying to figure out if I should sign up for the 50 or 35 mile version of the Carson City Off-road. I’ve been off the bike for basically 4 years and have an ftp of 220 and have an ftp/kg of 2.3. As a new night shift worker with a varying schedule I’ve had a hard time staying consistent. My current 6 wk avg TSS is just over 200. At 5’ 11" 210+ lbs, and at 41 I’m not sure if I can get in good enough shape to make it anything but a death march in 6 months.


VOS is always a good time, that TT is the key to a good GC place.



I’d like to be competitive in all 3, but I’m trying to be realistic. The sprint for that race is flat, fairly wide open, and I’m reasonably sure I can survive all the selections. The finish is up a reasonably steep short climb, which doesn’t favor me as much (I’m slightly over 90kg in the 3.75 watt/kg range). I did well in the time trial last year (16th), but I was a.full minute down on the best rider and I don’t think I’m going to make that up. The crit is very technical and I’m not a good bike handler, so I don’t anticipate mixing it up with the best there. QED, focus on what I’m best at and try to win the Sprint jersey.


That’s a big year of racing!


That’s why I like it - not many opportunities to get upgrade points based on the strength of your TT


Indeed, I used it to help me get a good chunk of points for my 3 to 2 upgrade a few of years ago.


I want to do VOS so bad and we have a team going, but getting time off work and someone to watch the dog is a challenge. It’s a cheap and fun race.


Go for it! Guess it depends how far away you’re coming from but it’s a fun race.

Yeah my 3-2 points came mostly from stage races, although I never did VOS as a 3. Got 5th in the 2 field TT last year before going down on a dropped bottle in the feedzone in the road race


I totally agree… and I also arrange a series of British Cycling approved races. My experience of arranging these races is: Everyone gets angry at the idea of paying £15 to race. The idea that you might make enough money to arrange ‘extras’ to create a fun environment/atmosphere is offensive to most racers. Once I’ve taken the £15 entry payments, I have to pay almost all of it back to British Cycling as fees, and the rest is prize money. Most guys racing these events race ALL the races throughout the year, so their family and friends don’t give two ****'s about coming to watch.

Sportives on the other hand… people will pay more, be up for a laugh because the stakes aren’t as high, and for many it’s one of the few events they’ll do on a bike in the year so their dutiful family members will come and cheer people on! It’s no surprise that these kind of events are so much more enjoyable.

There’s certainly a place for both, right?!


For mountain biking, Marathon Nationals in Palo Duro, Texas. It’s my home state, so why not? I’m really just looking to improve on my–ahem–terrible performance last year at Iron Mountain in Arkansas. I finished, but it was ugly. I’d like to improve upon my time and finish a lot stronger than I did in 2018.

On the CX side, I’ve got:

Jingle Cross
Resolution CX
Ruts N Guts
CX State Championship


Like Chad in yesterday’s podcast, I’m trying to train for fitness, and race if I’m fit.

My training cycle allows for 70.3 Oman in March, Brighton Marathon in April, IM Lanza in May, a 70.3 in July and IM Italy in September. I’m only signed up for the marathon which is a B race.

Wow. :+1:

I was originally planning for Copenhagen, so it’s still a maybe for me.


Ouch, that sucks. That RR race is usually pretty safe.

I had a pretty unremarkable VOS myself last year, after a poor TT and getting into the break after our group caught the Olympic Triathlete who’d been allowed to go up the road with a couple of others but we were caught on the final climb. The Crit is always a survival game for me.


Can anyone tell me how to find out about the Masters Nat’s RR course. My newness at this prompts my question. I’m sure it will be hard. Thank you.


There’s no info on it. But if anything, it’ll be something like the Air Force RR in the spring and the CO state RR in August.
One long climb - two distinct ones get used: spring RR it’s a long 12-ish min climb that starts gentle then gets pretty steep towards the end. The other main climb is about 8 or so mins long starts out like a bitch and then false flat for the last 1/2 mile. Rest of both these races have three or four punchy 1-2 min climbs with fast and some steep descents. Both of the long punishing climbs come before the finish.

Air Force RR in spring: 13.17 miles 808’ of climbing per lap Main climb: 3.47 miles 734’ gain 4%
CO state RR: 8.74 577’ gain per lap. Main Climb: 2.02 miles 385’ gain 4%

Or they could go in a totally different direction and not use Air Force base at all


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