So tell us about your A Race for 2019


WOW! Thank you. My enthusiasm exceeds my talent. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m in.


You’ve got a lot of company in that grupetto!


Good luck w/ the HRR qualification. That is a tough task, but a super fun event. Participated in the PE cup a number of years ago. Fantastic experience and super fast racing!


The only races I do anymore are the ones I want to do well in, which means:

50+ Clemson RR – circuit with a 4min VO2 hill
50+ GA State RR – circuit with 2 3min VO2 hills
50+ Roan Mtn RR – 8.5 mile finishing climb

I all right in those last year, but I have more lean mass now from rowing and lifting and I’m not going to diet myself back down 8 pounds. I’ve always done a lot of TT-ish training with a little VO2 on top, which plays to my strengths. I’m trying straight polarized for the next five months. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t…


There’s a 3 stage omnium in the Buffalo, NY area that I’m going to try to make my A race. Its a Merckx TT, crit, and road race. i’m a CAT5 so it’s a great way to earn upgrade points while actually having a shot at winning something because of it being separated out by category. Nothing special probably less than 1k of climbing over 25ish miles for the road race but should be fun.


its a awesome event


I’ve heard of this. Is it late summer early fall? I’m from WNY but live out in CO now and almost flew back home last year to do it. Looked fun


Is that Two Days of Buffalo?


That’s the one!


It’s August 3-4.


I’m signed up for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic omnium. It takes place over the Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. It starts with a 49 mile road race from Durango to Silverton Colorado on Saturday and ends with a XC Olympic mountain bike race on Sunday. Still trying to decide which specialty plan I’m going to choose but I’m really stoked with how my training is coming along! Cheers!


What’s your training plan the month leading up to that effort? I have a similar ride: The Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo (Century w 10K climbing near Scranton, PA) and I think I need more of a loading strategy leading up to it. Any advice? Thanks for reading.


All the B races are workouts. The Montenegro half IM was supposed to be done last year. I was signed up but then a week-long company-paid trip (“retreat / reward”) to Mauritius came up, starting the weekend of the Montenegro race. As it happened, that same weekend there was an ultra (70k, 9400’) in Mauritius. So I did that. The Montenegro race organizers were kind enough to push my entry to 2019, so it’s on the calendar. Rapperswil is “down the street” (easier to take the train, one with one change) than to drive due to parking. IM Zurich, a pure training event, is literally down the street with the course coming within a couple of miles from home. And Wales… well, Tenby is awesome and I miss Welsh cakes and real beer. All good workout weekends to test nutrition (a test I failed at IM Wales last year, my first IM after a 14 year break).


I am doing 312 as well. I know the area very well and go out regularly ( lucky to have an apartment out there). I mid way through sustained power mid vol having done sweet spot mid vol. will be doing century mid vol which will pretty much take me all the way to the end of April.
Any advice on how you integrated TR with 312 training? Did you drop Sunday’s for outdoor rides ? I have pretty much done indoor only ( worked well for Maratona) but will have to venture out soon.Appreciat any advice!


Hi DocWatts
I was following TR through base and build but life got in the way. I am a regular audax/randonneur rider so swapped the weekend rides for 200km events, hilly (1500m+) 100k rides and club rides.
There was nothing scientific about my choices. Long rides in poor condition so I knew I could complete the full distance. Hilly rides as UK hills are short and brutal so I knew I could spin up anything on Mallorca. Club rides as I missed the social side of cycling and was slowly going bonkers sweating away in my pain cave.
General advice for the 312. Pace yourself as it’s a long day in the saddle. Have a plan at the feeds - top up bottles, grab some food, go. Don’t sit on the front of any group - let someone else do the work. Don’t be stupid on the descents. Above all - remember why you ride a bike and have fun.


A Race: Gravel Worlds. (August)


As the flu has slashed through my school over the last few weeks, it was my viral number that came up last Friday.

Originally, My “A” races were March 23, May 15, and June 3. Looks like March is off that list…

The June race was supposed to be gravy, but I may have to cut a few kilos now that that’s more of a goal. Dragging my 77 kilos up a mountain may not work as well as getting 73 kilos up it last year… Maybe 75 is the happy medium.


My A race is Outlaw Triathlon on the 28th July 2019. I’m currently following the Full Ironman TR program but it’s very very early!


It’s a question of availability for me. If there were an abundance of crits a short drive from my house, I’d do those. Since I’m limited to maybe 4 USAC “regular” races in a season, though, a big event with lots of fanfare that’ll make a whole weekend is more appealing to me if I’m gonna be traveling.


I think it’s accessibility for most and the marketing/hype around these big events like Leadville, DK200.