Sodium vs chloride


In one of the podcasts Chad was talking about sweating, and the replacement of Sodium , and that the body loses sodium more than the chloride so replacement strategies need to focus on sodium more. (Hope I got that right) The supplements I use like Endurolytes are 60 chloride and 40 sodium. , most products I see have more chloride than sodium. What’s better ratio wise?


I would think the ratio is something that is very personal, not a generalization that covers everyone. Picture is from my results of a sweat test. This is way over my head so someone else should chime in. I just use the recommendations given to me to pick a hydration plan.


This is a complex topic and likely an area that requires more research.

I believe Coach Chad was discussing sodium chloride versus sodium citrate. Skratch labs has been on of the groups really pushing the benefits of sodium citrate over sodium chloride:

Citrate has some other major benefits. The Skratch labs article mentions its buffering capabilities. It can be metabolized to bicarbonate. In addition citrate is a kidney stone inhibitor (kidney stone patients often are prescribed potassium citrate) as it binds calcium in the urine.

Personally I’ve found Skratch has worked well for me. I don’t get GI upset and there is enough evidence regarding the benefit of citrate that this is the go to drink for me for hour plus workouts. I’ve looked at Maurten as well, but it has sodium chloride, not citrate, so this has given me pause using it as main drink on long rides.


Good stuff, thanks!