Speed and distance data on Strava


Hi everyone,

I am a new user of TR and I am wondering why some workouts once pushed to Strava shows realistic distance and speed meanwhile my TR « ride » shows 0km average speed and distance?
I am using an Elite Qubo smart + trainer.
Does anyone can help me fixing the issue?
Do I need a speed sensor?
Thanks :wink:


Yes need a speed sensor


I’m not familiar with the trainer you are using but I know that many smart trainers will calculate a speed based either on the power you’re putting out or the fly wheel speed.

I don’t have a speed sensor on my bike but my rides in trainer road end up with speed/distance because the Kickr is broadcasting it as well.

Of course this is all garbage information in my opinion but it is definitely being broadcast directly by the trainer and not a separate speed sensor

I’ve never really looked for speed/distance in trainer road but my guess is that they are ignoring this data due to how arbitrary it is whereas Strava is processing everything that is sent to it - thus the discrepancy


Thanks for your answer :wink: