Speed data from Kickr Snap



Today I ran a workout file from my Garmin, with the Garmin controlling trainer resistance. I intentionally disabled the speed sensor on the rear wheel as I didn’t intend to record miles or speed on the indoor ride. However somehow the Garmin file did indeed calculate a speed and distance.

Is the Kickr Snap sending speed data to the Garmin somehow? I have the trainer connected both as an “indoor trainer” under the “training” menu and as a power sensor via ant+. Is there some way to avoid recording a speed sensor if this data stream is originating from the Kickr?


I’m not extremely familiar with using a Garmin to control a trainer, but I know that in TrainerRoad the KICKR SNAP sends power and speed data to our app. I think that despite disconnecting the speed sensor, your ride file still recorded the speed data from the trainer. In the TrainerRoad app, because of our device pairing hierarchy, you could pair the speed sensor (but remove the magnet so it doesn’t register speed) alongside the trainer, and we’d prioritize the data (or lack thereof) originating from the dedicated speed sensor.


Thanks, I’ll give this a try. I’ve tried to run the fit file from my Garmin through the field stripper on fitfile tools site, but it’s still leaving speed data. Maybe that’s due to it being embedded in a trainer data stream. I’ll try connecting to the speed sensor (I won’t be able to record null values as it’s not magnet type) but this may make it easier to strip the speed data for training log storage.