Split 2 hours workout into two of one hour

Hey mates, I’m currently doing SSB Mid II and I found that the long sweet spot workout of the week on Sunday (2 hours long) it’s physically but especially psychologically demanding so I’ve decided to split that workout into two workouts of one hour each or a little more, the same workout as the long one with the warm up phase and half of the useful work (3x20 min → 1x20 + 1x10, warmup apart). I do one one workout in the morning and the other in the afternoon (6-7 hours later)

I usually finish making a bit more TSS this way but I’m not sure how this affects my fitness in terms of endurance (volume).


I’m not a coach but it’s my understanding that there are physiological changes that only occur in the 2nd or 3rd hour that these workouts are designed to address. So you may not be getting the same benefit splitting it. I find sticking on a movie for the long efforts helps take my mind off it and makes the session much more bearable. Or if weather permits, replace that session with a slightly longer outdoor ride (50-60 miles) to get a similar workout.