Sprinter with low ramp test result?

You remind me I need to get back to leg day. I’ve been avoiding it ever since I started cycling. I could hit 1900W back when all i did was lift… and now I’m down to 1700W…

Afraid to combine build and heavy lifting though

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That’s it, I was a powerlifter for many (many) years, so aerobic sports is pretty alien. Now I’ve started adding in some squats and deads again efficiency is coming up nicely and pedalling just “feels” easier.

Do it! Squats and deadlifts are king!

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I was into bodybuilding myself, still do a lot of topside work. Just I found trying to lift heavy and then also doing intervals was very difficult to combine.

Right there with you on this whole aerobic sports is alien thing (but hey, I’ve made it to 300W ftp so I’m happy)

Just retested at 302! Though I don’t believe it, unless I was being chased by a lion. For intervals day, same day but a minimum of 3hours apart to allow your batteries to recharge. It’s just making a hard day even harder.

On an endurance day, straight afterwards (but not a heavy heavy gym day) to compliment the endurance work. No excuses :slight_smile:


I tried Kolie’s baseline test over the weekend, but I overestimated my target at 280 or 285 and failed pretty badly.

Today I took a regularly scheduled ramp test that resulted in 270. That’s higher than the 260 from a few weeks ago and feels more in line with my perceived effort in recent workouts.

Anyway, it looks like I’ve got a number that’s good enough to work with for now. I guess I just need to become more adept at adjusting intensity during the workout as necessary.