Stages L10/M50/L50 gps devices launched

I would jump in if:

-The promise of radar support comes to fruition. I have learned to not buy something that is not fully developed and wait for the features to be built over time.

-Stages link looks less than stellar (free version) -having used Garmin connect for the last 7 years - at least I know the limitations and frustrations. I checked out the free version of link and building a workout seems more finicky - maybe i am wrong?

-Mapping/GPS gets good real world feedback and battery life works as projected. I guess I will have to follow the early adopters online.

  • Finally - and this is a big one - mounting it to my bikes. I have a Giant propel SL (2016) and need a stem faceplate mount. Just when I ordered a combo Garmin GoPro from fouriers - I see these stages devices and even before contemplating ordering one - I am getting shudders having to try and find a dash/GoPro solution that will mount to my stem faceplate bolts.


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Looked yesterday and can’t find a way to build a workout in Stages Link (free). I’ve had Link for maybe two years, and my trial of premium expired a long time ago.

I did see a way but it was clunky at my first look - a quick look at that but still …

I’d love to hear from anyone who knows what the Stages-Link “Course Builder” or “Routes sidebar” are about. I’m on a free account, residual from my SDL-1 purchase, and I cannot find these features referenced at these links:

I’m using an L10 now, and apart from the available .fit file export, additional storage capacity, a mount that is compatible with the new mount accessories, and the lower price, I’m seeing nothing changed about the experience of the original SDL-1. All of that is worthwhile, but if I can’t do ANYthing with the courses on the L10, I’ll probably consider changing units to one that can.

Answering my own question regarding the course builder, I’ve found some info from Jim at Stages in DCRainmaker’s comments…

"The course builder, and workout builder, are located at the bottom of the library panel located to the right of the calendar, which can be expanded by clicking on the small arrow icon along the right side of the calendar tab. The screenshot I added here is what you will see once that panel has been expanded, which shows your workout library (with the workout builder), the course library (pictured in this post), and the plan library.

I spoke to the guys at TP last night and they noted that right now the course builder is in premium accounts only, but they will push that to the community version of Link soon. Sorry about that!

It’s important that I point out a difference between L10 and M50/L50 units here: Courses on the L10 must sync via USB and Stages Sync (our desktop application). Since the L10 does not have enough memory to have actual maps on it, we do some extra accommodations that allow courses to display on the L10."

While waiting for the course builder to come to the “community version” of the Stages-Link website, I’ll try using a .fit course created elsewhere with the L10 for now and see how it goes.

Same. I don’t ride my bike to chase strava segments. Training and racing.

Im really looking forward to a full review ofthe M50, battery life at 12 hours is adequate, and currently 4 times what I get with my garmin with pretty much everything turned off.
Strava is unimportant but importing maps and routes is very important as I do a lot of long distance (150plus) rides that I need the maps for…
Ill wait forthe rainmaker review

I suggest you use a GPS tracker which one with small size and free App, then you can track the position at anytime, Reachfar GPS tracker is just 24g and 14x34x40mm, can work for about 3 days.

Got an L10 on Saturday. There is much to like about it. The initial setup was super-easy, all my devices paired perfectly, and battery life is amazing. Still… there are issues:

  1. When the ride pauses, the “Time of Day” (wall clock) widget also stops. This is maddening. I’ve had two rides where I was meeting someone somewhere. I got there early, the ride paused, and a few minutes later I was suprised at how slow time was moving. Until I realized it wasn’t moving at all. When I see software issues like this, it really makes me wonder about how many more subtle problems are out there. (The good news is that my heart rate continues to update when the ride is paused, so I suspect they will fix the frozen wall clock issue eventually).
  2. My unit shows WILD fluctuations in altitude. It will instantly drop 100-200 feet a few times per hour, even when I’m riding on a level surface.
  3. The temperature always reads high. (Possibly related to issue #2 because I see temperature spikes at the same time I see the altitude drop)
  4. The mounting system is… funky. I’m used to 1/4-turn mounts, and this mount just feels awkward.
    The unit doesn’t give a positive “click” in the mounting unit. And the only option provided was the aluminum out-front mount for one handlebar diameter (31.5mm?). I have an other bike with a smaller diameter handlebar and I’m not sure how I’m going to mount it there. My Garmin 520 at least included adapters for the out front mount to handle other handlebar sizes, and an additional “anywhere” mount. How much would it really cost to include some rubber grommets and an anywhere mount? Grrr…

I have tickets for the “Time of Day pauses when ride pauses” and “altitude and temperate fluctuate and don’t match reality” issues, but both tickets are still in “processing” state.

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I’ve tried to replace Garmin, as awful as Garmin software can be it’s still the best of some of the worst technology in the world.

Hardware aside, Garmin Connect is quite useful for aggregating data to/from multiple sources. Especially now that Strava is pursuing it’s lofty goal of being the next facebooks.


Mark am I right in thinking a lot of the uses for the unit are only available if you subscribe to Stages ??

In principle no. You can always put workouts and courses on the device by connecting it to a computer as a USB mass storage device. So all features should work without any subscription (free or paid) to Stages.

Automatic sync of (planned) workouts, and the ability to create custom workouts via their platform is however dependent on a premium subscription as for now. As is automatic course sync, but they promised that should become available on their free platform.

The core issue for me is finding a workout editor that can create .FIT files, because that is currently the only workout format that is supported. Have found one though, quite obscure but I am going to test it if it works. It’s the workout editor in IpBike, an android bike computer app (excellent app by the way)

I will get my M50 soon, will report back with my experience.

Grrrr… As a followup to my previous post, the ticket I opened regarding the realtime (wall) clock pausing when the workout pauses got the response “…any sort of auto pause feature isn’t the best solution for you. I would think that continuous recording setting may work better for your specific purposes…”. This is a surprising reply. I didn’t realize “clocks should show the current time” was debatable.

My other ticker regarding wild fluctuations in altitude and temperature got closed without commentary. That just pisses me off. I’m suspect I have a bum unit, but I’m not sure if I should deal with returning it or not.

I’m not super-impressed with Stages customer support at this point.

(That said, when I had a bad Garmin 520+ recently, I couldn’t even get hold of Garmin support… I’m not having good luck with GPS vendors lately)

the only thing currently stoppign me buying the L50 is not knowing if Ill have to pay for the premium platform to do what I need to… I dont use strava at all but would need to be able to download routes (prob from strava courses!) and be ableto upload to garmin connect.

As for customer support Garmin doesnt actually have any as far as im concerned, when i tried to complain about a three hour battery life they told me to turn all the features off and they just ignore and delete anything I try and post about the blue halo on my screen!!

I was able to download a route to my L10 and follow the route really easily. It’s pretty basic functionality… You have the route shape and an icon for your current position. Your direction of travel is always “up”. The map didn’t zoom in quite as much as I would like. The scalebar showed 1000 feet, 3 miles, 5 miles as I recall. I would have preferred one more zoom level in, and can’t imagine why I would ever want the 5 mile zoom level.

Still… the functionality worked well. I was able to navigate without any difficulty around the loop I was following, and it saved me from a few wrong turns that I would have made without it.

Had to download the route via USB from my computer, but I didn’t think that was a huge hassle. I downloaded two routes, one from an export of a Strava ride and one from a route I created on the Stages web site.

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Not an encouraging response, I have to wonder whether they actually read your ticket.

Stages has said that the course creator would be free and not require a subscription. I don’t know about workout creation.

TrainingPeaks free account - you can create a workout for today/tomorrow and download as FIT.


Not trying to turn this thread into my personal rant platform, but… I had to open another ticket with Stages today about my L10. I did my morning ride, same as always, and the headunit faithfully sync’ed with the Stages app and uploaded the ride. Or so it said. Now the ride is stuck on the stages website because “No activities found within file”. The file summary stats look fine on the unit itself, so I have no idea why the exported file is borked.

I’m feeling like a beta tester for an unfinished product.