Steam Room and Sauna Time

Hi all,

This may be a dumb question but does anyone use tricks or devices to tell time in the steam room and sauna. I want to use either after my workout at the gym but I only have a set time before I need to go back to work…say 10 minutes. I go in and get paranoid that it’s already been 10 minutes and end up leaving after a couple of minutes.

Any advice, I would be extremely grateful.


What if you just brought like a cheap $10 watch with you?

Ask the gym to put a clock up that is visible through the window

My YMCA has a clock on the wall, but I also wear my Apple Watch.

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You wear your Apple Watch in the steam room! And it still works?

That was my thought, but wanted to see if anyone had thoughts before I went down that road.

Many of the onsens I visited in Japan had hour glasses. Don’t have to worry about the steam with them. Here is one for $8.99 on Amazon.




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