Strength Targets


I was listening to a recent podcast and Chad mentioned TR have been developing strength targets for cyclists split into 3 levels, is this now available, if so where can i get it from?




No, there has been no release at this time. They didn’t give any specific date for release.

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Cheers “other Chad” hopefully they will release this shortly


Ditto, I am excited to see the plans too. :smiley:

I suspect there will be an official TR thread for it upon release. Otherwise, I will start one and we will discuss all the good stuff in there.

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Generally, the little guys always dominate wilks competitions. Anyhow, there’s one way to compare your lifts with other people’s lifts regardless of weight class.


So I clicked on the link. It’s not clear whether this is a 1 rep maximum, total weight lifted in a session, Total weight lifted for a specific lift.


Wilks is used in powerlifting so the weight used for that calculator would be the sum of your 1-rep maxes for squat, bench, and deadlift