Strength Training and TR plan



I’m starting Sweet Spot Base mid vol next week and need some advice on how to integrate my strength training. For the past 2 months have been doing moderate strength/core routine on M,W&F. I’m dong some basic core work, some TRX reps of various sorts aimed at my upper body and 5x5 sets of deadlifts. This is partly for cycling and partly for general fitness. The only thing that is really strenuous and causing any real noticeable fatigue are the deadlifts. (I’ve fallen in love with deadlifts). I can tell I’m not going to be wanting to work at this level once I get to the specialty phase and race season and I will probably throttle back a bit even before then. But, does anyone have suggestions to how to integrate this into base? When, and how, should i cut back? Or, should I just keep this up year round?


Hey there STP!

First off, check out the following forum that goes extremely in depth about how to use strength training with cycling:

We also talked about this on the podcast here:

Once you get more into the build and specialty phases, it will be hard to do as much lifting as you are doing now just because of the fatigue you will have from the bike but during base, you can totally pull it off. If you plan on having a day when you do a TR workout and go to the gym, it is best to do the TR workout in the morning and the weight lifting in the evening (or the other way around). This should allow your body enough time to recover for your next workout.

Hope this helps!