Strength training without compromising TR workouts



I would do weights first then trainer to get the feel of muscles used and also loosen off


Thats an important advice: if you do free weights or something similiar, you should have an idea of how it should feel and what the motion is. You could get injured if you do heavy free weights and do the wrong motion.


I actually sat down with an instructor at my gym regarding this yesterday.

I am currently doing some gym work to fix some problems in my knee, the problems don’t effect my efforts on the bike but it just isn’t as how it should be.
In addition I’m am following low volume plans (currently SSBLV2) to prepare myself for two big events in April.

My schedule is going to look as follows:


  • 60 minute TR workout in the morning
  • stability workout at gym in the evening

Tuesday rest

Wednesday 90 minute TR workout

Thursday rest


  • morning 60 minute TR workout
  • evening gym work strength training

Saturday recovery rides outside (from January onward)

I have a history of overdoing things and ending up with injuries that could’ve been prevented if I took some more rest in between, that’s the reason why I am sticking to LV plans.

The problems in my knee stem from an imbalance in my upperleg, basically the three big muscles aren’t evenly strong and now one of them is pulling to hard on my knee cap.

The stability training on Monday will consist of excersises to help cure that but also improve my core stability. But I am doing this type of training on Monday as I expect that my legs will recover enough for the 90 minute workout on Wednesday.

On Friday the training will be more on strength and power with more weight and fewer reps. I expect to have more soreness from this than from the stability training on Monday. But untill January I will have two full days of rest before the next TR workout and from January onward I will have a recovery ride on Saturday and heavy legs will help to keep the effort low as I won’t feel like I have anything extra for that day.

It won’t be all legwork in the gym, both training days in the gym will also include efforts for the upper body.

I hope this will give me a good basis for next year, not only for cycling but also for other sports.
I am not sure if something like this would fit in a MV or HV plan but still wanted to share the idea with you guys.


Before I am providing my 0.02 $ here.
Previous played Aussie Rules Football and did a max 150kg proper squat, 160kg DL and 90kg bench press. This was around 7 years ago, picked up cycling and fell in love with the sport. However I noticed I turned super weak so needed to pick up starting strength (the Rip method) again.

The advice on the SS (starting Strength) forums goes ass this.
Monday AM 1 hour easy trainer
Monday PM Strength (Squat, Bench, Dead, chin ups)
Tuesday; intervals
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: Strength (Squat, Press, Dead, dips)
Friday nothing or 1 hour rollers
Saturday HIIT (2 hours)
Sunday endurance

You will be tired on Monday, it is a mental game more than anything. Instead of going full in; ride your bike days on recovery mode for 2 -3 weeks and start again with your planned schedule. Adjustment period is 3 months. If you stop earlier you never know if it worked or not.
Also EAT, SLEEP; we cyclists tend to eat too little although we think we don’t.

Gym sessions for me take around 45 minutes to 1 hour max. Powerlifting is not my goal but MTB XCO is. My races will not be longer than 2 hours so I can get away with this and still be competitive.

Since again I started with SS I gained 3 kg, so now I am at 280W, 83kg @ 188cm

Finally the science for this is not there to support if this works or not. Problem is the way the researchers define strength training (machine and bw exercise does not count). See starting strength youtube channel for more information from a few doctors who went through all the research.

Most of us do not become pro’s, but we do become older. Try to properly for a season and you might like it. There isn’t much to loose.