Struggling with over-unders in plan


Nice idea! I think I will do the same!


I didn’t use a fan for months. I started getting blurred vision and headaches on the build and specialty workouts in summer. I got a fan and it was a game changer, even only a simple floor standing type. Now I can’t even workout how I trained without one!


Wow, that’s very interesting. Will deffo buy a fan before commencing Base Phase mid vol 2!!

Thanks a lot!


I’ve so far ‘failed’ McAdie, and a couple of weeks again also failed Reinstein-1 (both as part of SSBMV1), but am managing the rest of the workouts.

I’m thinking my Festive overindulgence May account for some of the advice, but from reading the thread above, there’s some good info regarding swapping out the O&U for the Spire workouts which I’ll factor in to next weekends plans.

It’s also good to know I’m not the only one that finds these particularly awful…


Just starting mcadie+1




Palisade for me in the next hour.

I R Skeered.


If @mcneese.chad and @Jonnyboy don’t come back to the thread, do we send out a search party?


I crash landed over here!


3 down, 2 sets to go… on my way to crush it.

White Zombie is my copilot.

Done & dusted, BOOM!


I did this - on days when I had more time, I simply swapped the HV workout into my MV plan. What lead me to this thread was the question re: over unders because by doing what I described above I inadvertently removed all over/under work from the plan until this week. It seems like there’s a build up of over/under workouts and they become increasingly difficult as the plan progresses. Yesterday I did palisade (1 min off/2min) and felt like garbage by the last interval. There were other contributing factors to this (rode outside, had a mechanical and had to come inside, drank a bottle of wine the night before :woman_shrugging:t3:) but if I could go back to three weeks ago when I started subbing out the mid volume workouts for high volume I would have been a bit more deliberate and left the O/U workouts and then added 30-45 min workout like petit or carter in at the end to accumulate some more time in Z2.


Hey Matt, nice response. Would appreciate any information regarding swapping out over unders for spire workouts please? Just finished my last week (recovery ) in first 6 week of SSBB mid volume 1 and used a fan for the first time for last two 90 min sessions and made a big difference. I’m hoping this will mean I can now complete over unders but want a backup plan just in case!

Thanks in advance



I’ve swapped Avalanche Spire in for this coming Saturday (end of week 4 of SSB MV1), with Mary Austin -1 in for the end of Wk 5. With the ‘difficult’ weekend on the trainer I’ve had, I’m also considering swapping tonight’s workout (currently Carson) to Carson -1 or even Carson-2.

I’ll find out if it helps or not then, but psychologically, it ‘looks’ a lot more manageable…

I’m considering swapping to the HV for SSB2, as the O&Us aren’t in there, and I also anticipate having more time during the week to be able to train, but I’m not sure how I’d manage with the extra TSS… I have a feeling that there may well only be one way to find out though… :wink:


Did Mcadie +1 over the weekend. That was REALLY tough. Getting stronger though…was able to get through all of it, just faltering slightly on the last interval. Had to bump it down to 95% for a few minutes to get my legs back under me, then back up to 100 to finish the interval out.


Just wait until you get to Carpathian Peak +3. :grimacing:



I’ve been using a fan for the past week (but it was last week of SSB-MV1 so was recovery!) and did the ramp test Monday and was 6 watts higher than 6 weeks ago (286). Pleasantly surprised as I put on weight over Christmas despite not missing a workout but did implode pre fan on the over unders stuff so thought I was perhaps really unfit! I did Ebbetts today and managed it fine with the fan on. The real test comes Sat and Sun when I ride Kaweah and Geiger +2!!


Good luck… just did Kaweah today after a 7% FTP increase from SSB1 MV. Made it through cleanly, but @#$& @chad anyway. I went straight System of a Down for the fifth interval.


@Terence_Shepherd, today was Avalanche Spire.

I went in t the workout better rested than I’ve gone into O&Us in this block of training.

I’ve also been tracking HRV (on Apple Watch 3) and noticed that over Christmas/ NY it had dropped significantly (which tallies roughly with my poor form), but has now bounced back up. I’m putting this down to NOT having a beer or two each evening over the past few days as I had been doing over Christmas/NY.

Anyway, I crushed Avalanche Spire, and even felt good enough in the final set to bump the intensity up to (a whole) 102%, which would’ve been unthinkable the last two weeks, as I couldn’t even manage to complete the workouts at 90%…


Following up… didn’t make it through Geiger +2. Kaweah was tough, and I think I was fueled properly. I just did a lot of manual trench digging this week and yesterday and I think that along with the 7% FTP increase finally caught up with me this morning. Sweet Spot feel like over unders, with a little burn which I usually don’t get during sweet spot, even Ebbetts earlier this week. So I dialed the second and third intervals back 3%, still struggled and pulled the plug after an hour. Figures I’ll recover, no digging today or probably tomorrow, then hit VO2 max on Monday fresh.


I did kaweah yesterday but had to have 3 X 10 second breaks during the last 3 intervals but got her done !! Geiger plus 2 today!