Sufferfest New Features - TR Killer?


There’s lot of options out there, for me TrainerRoad doesn’t have to be best, they just have to keep improving. I see value in the service, the community, and the support (and management team) at TrainerRoad are excellent. I have no complaints paying for TR, will happily continue to do so as long as the criteria I mentioned above stays the same. The TAM for indoor cycling is huge, there’s no doubt that others will come and go, I’m hoping I’ve backed a winner. :slight_smile: So far they’re doing an amazing job.


I think having a customizable screen for metrics could be cool… personally I think the current display is great, but the ability to add or hide some metrics could never hurt.
As far as color coding the intervals or that particular day’s intensity on the calendar… I’m not a fan. My thought process is: if you see the upcoming interval is tough or that day’s workout is hard, that could go the wrong way to mentally defeat you before you even begin. I don’t want to be told “you’re really about to suffer”, I’d rather figure it out when I’m in the interval/workout and then gut it out. If it’s a particular brutal workout and all I see is indicators saying this is BRUTAL there’s a chance I pull the plug if I’m not “feeling it” that day. If TR sees value in color coding, please make that feature optional… I don’t want to increase my RPE before I even begin.


Can’t we already adjust intervals? We can increase the percentage at the bottom of the screen. When I find the intensity too easy I bump it up so that I am at a higher level of the prescribed zone.

Or are you talking about adding in an interval midwork or extending like we can for the warm up and cooldown?


I tried Sufferfest for the first time a couple weeks ago through their free trial. What drew me in mainly was the 4dp, I think it would be cool to keep tabs on my shorter power numbers as well as ftp. I don’t have a power meter other than my Kickr so the only time I can see these numbers is on the trainer and TrainerRoad doesn’t give me a chance to test my best 30sec, 1min and 5min power. I know in the grand scheme those numbers are probably irrelevant but would be nice to know them and see how they develop during the phases.

I was also drawn in by the other stuff they provide, yoga, strength and mindfulness stuff. I have a hard time focusing on anything other than the bike because I feel like I need to be ‘spoon fed’ the structure same as on the bike. As much as I try to plan it out it just never happens.

In the end after looking through all the stuff they provided I only did one workout before deciding it wasn’t my cup of tea. Too much going on, to the point I almost felt lost. Also, the limited workout library was a turn off, coupled with the fact there wasn’t anything other than higher intensity rides with no recovery rides that I saw. Do wish I would have tried the 4dp thing though…


I’ve used the Sufferfest workouts and while it’s unique and can be short term motivation, they recycle a lot of the workouts and there seems to be a true lack of structure. You can count on TR for excellent support, great coaching, plans, variety of workouts, without the fancy gimmicks. Yes, Yoga and strength would be nice, but I’d rather them continue to master one than be a jack of all trades as Sufferfest is catering towards.


Another source for the same Yoga videos can be found here:

I actually started cycling interval training with Sufferfest, before switching to Zwift and then TrainerRoad. When I dropped my Sufferfest subscription, I bought the Yoga videos from Vimeo (for download). I like the 10 to 15 minute format which is much easier to incorporate longer Yoga sessions.


FWIW, I didn’t like the machismo of Sufferfest, and prefer TrainerRoad’s focus on workout programs that make you faster, but I like competition and Suf no doubt has its advocates and satisfied customers too.

As long as TR stick to what they’re doing they’re unlikely to lose me as a customer. I’m more interested in things that are additional. I was knocked out by BestBikeSplit, and the way it can take a route that I’m working towards and create a power plan for it that I can run in both TrainerRoad and on my Wahoo Elemnt. That for me was the missing piece of the puzzle.


Maybe I misunderstand you but you can see those numbers on the web page in career under personal records. There you can also compare by self selected seasons.

You can also rebuild any testing workout or just use free ride and hammer the pedals or use the “H.A. & A.C. Power Profile Test” workout (might be the one you need) and then compare the results against personal records.


They charge for these on the Yoga for MTB site then they’re all posted on Vimeo for free. :confused: Good find, thanks for sharing!


Interesting chat here. I haven’t used TR that long started last January, took a break all spring and summer riding outside and knowing my fitness was decreasing and started my first full year in October of 2018 training with TR.

I have used SF videos a few years ago. I have lots of friends on Social media that I know are using Swift for the group rides. I think people can write WO’s and have their athletes all join in for a coached prepared WO session, which if they all have a power meter makes it a better session than a spin class where most never seems to bother with power meters. Maybe this is the future for club spins.

And that might be something for TR to consider in the future

The podcasts and the training plans and the WO’s I have found to be perfect for my needs. The WO explanations and the Podcasts are educating me on the value of each style of WO. I’m kicking myself for not realizing the value of interval WO sooner. As a former age group swimmer and master swimmer ( I swim IM in under an hour swimming 2 to 3 hours a week of training only), the value of interval WO is known, just never connected the dots until I starting listening to the podcasts and then subscribing to the WO plans. Best value out there folks, and as far as I can tell all I or most people need.


I agree with number 1. I would think it would be super fast and easy to implement. I want to record heart rate for some workouts, but I don’t want to see it. I would swap it for something else, or just turn it off. I would like it to also toggle that data field on the graph so I don’t sit there trying to avoid figureing out what the heart rate is based on the red line.

I agree yoga or some form of resistance training built in would seriously help me actually do it. I am hell bent on getting all my TR rides in, but lack the motivation otherwise :grin:


What amazing thought out comments. !!!


I’ve used the yoga15 site before, she’s a good clear choice for my level.

TrainerRoad plans could even just have a place holder for the calendar just to inform when to do it, we then mark off if completed. Just a little reminder and general motivation.


You can add a recurring other activity for this into the calendar.


(I think all the apps are working towards the same thing. FulGaz are intending bringing workouts and a calendar to their application. Most people will stick to the app that suits them and maybe look at the others occasionally.

I think the one area where TR need to up their game is in the ‘challenges’. They keep users engaged and create a great community spirit. There doesn’t have to be prizes just a sense of achievement and purpose and group cameraderie. SF has the Tour of SUF, Zwift have lots of challenges. Here on TR we had Disaster Day and that was a great success but it was not TR driven.

On the other hand this forum is very good and working in the right direction.


Yeah the forum was a smart move for community building, but also will save them a ton of support requests I’d imagine too :smiley:


Thank you for posting this. I am going to check it out. I have been subscribing to for a while but it’s a bit pricey and I really have a hard time doing any yoga for more than 15 minutes at a time anyway.


Agreed, it’s fun but not as easily measureable.

What I would like to see it TR learning from this and adding workouts and tests that look at the range of capabilities: 5 second, 30 second, 1 minute, 5 minute power., or something similar. The plans stretch you in those directions depending on which Build phase you choose, but it would be great to see the tests as part of the programme.

Then I guess you have a Sufferfest killer…


+1 from me to. I need a structured stretching schedule. I know I should do it, but it always falls through the cracks


Dreaming out loud, if I could incorporate the TR plans and data metrics into a Zwift Group Workout environment against ghost riders I would be happy. My program, my schedule, my music, virtual motivation, visual stimulation.