Sufferfest New Features - TR Killer?


I remember this too. It makes good sense as well, since they already colour code a plan when showing it to you with ex: red(hard) workout on Tuesday, easy(green) workout on Wednesday, etc.


Yup, I am guessing the pic from Nate’s calendar (with colored IF indicators) and the colors/difficulty shown when setting the workout days will be connected.


From this post:


Hasn’t this been around for quite some time now?


The screen that @mcneese.chad posted has, yes. The original message was about a screenshot Nate had posted of his calendar that showed some red/yellow/green markings seemingly based on the IF of his scheduled workouts.


It took me a bit to find the pic, and that’s why I didn’t have both in the original reply.

But I found it and added it above, so @Captain_Doughnutman, @purgatos and all others can see the references.


Yep, I was referring to that one, thanks :grinning:


Totally this! +1



I was thinking about all this and I probably won’t say any more on the topic. It’s TR’s company and they know their business and its intricacies far more intimately than I ever will. With Nate being a Big Data guy and Chad being a Big Evidence guy, I can’t see them making business decisions based purely on keeping up with the Joneses.

I just hope they don’t end up like one of those family restaurants with the 17-page menu that tries to be everything to everyone.


I think it is unlikely that TR will be focused purely on the “keeping up…” mentality. It is good to review competition because it can open thoughts on new ideas or revisit previously discarded ones. Both can be beneficial and we should be willing to learn from other people’s success and failures, right along with our own.

This is the type of thing where the growth in knowledge and application of ideas can benefit all. Rising tide and all that jazz.

That said, I think we are on the cusp of TR unleashing some new tools that will possibly revolutionize the direction of the TR product, and maybe the training industry. Listening to past podcasts and linking them with the hints dropped here in the forum allude to some interesting new stuff. I have full expectation that TR has a great direction and will do what is needed to remain at the top, not just relevant, in this space.


@fenderperry, check out




rather than start a whole new thread, figured I’d tack on here and see what other people think. Looks like sufferfest and GCN are taking their brand synergy thing (pay for play) to a new level, with Dan Lloyd doing a 10 week get back into shape program. My initial, non-expert impression is “meh” and maybe fine for a lot of GCN fans (people who just like to ride and get in shape but maybe not necessarily training for things)


But how many GCN viewers will fail to acknowledge that Dan Lloyd is in fact a former world tour cyclist, and will attribute all his progress to sufferfest? I think sufferfest will get return of their money for that video
I like sufferfest, but like trainerroad better for training. I may be reactivating my suf-membership for a month or two when/if winter-motivation goes lacking (again).


The Sufferfest workouts are fun and challenging, but I can’t see any way I would ever recommend it as the only subscription someone could have. The workout library is too limited and the humour gets grating too quickly, it’s really a “once in a while” kind of thing and I honestly don’t see how they can get over that without completely changing their branding.


Couldn’t agree more but I will be doing Tour of Sufferlandia again. The community vibe is brilliant and it is a good hard block of training.


Personally I would love the zones to be colour coded. I don’t always realize what zone I am working in and to see a colour that tells me I am in zone 3 would be a great addition…blue and black is ok but colour adds extra appeal and aesthetics.


I like zone colors too. I think it is nice and quick feedback for those that care, and can be ignored by those who don’t.

To add, there is so much discussion about “energy systems” and those directly relate to our training zones. It seems to be commonly applied via the rainbow across many platforms (Zwift, Sufferfest, Rouvy, Tacx, etc.) and even the typical power zone info abundant in the info world.

It seems logical to include and connect this data point so we can be more aware of what is going on for the workout and what we may be working on at any given moment.


I’m not necessarily against colour coding the zone blocks and/or updating the TR visuals as it would make very little difference to the work I’m actually doing but it kind of goes against the TR ethos of displaying only the useful information.

Seeing a colour which corresponds to my threshold/sweet spot/endurance zone isn’t going to change the workload. It’s also fairly obvious if you look at the blocks compared to your FTP line which zone you are in (and it’s also broken down in the workout text if you can’t work it out).

Unless TR are going for a major visual/branding change I can’t imagine them making this a priority.


You can change intervals anyway you want currently with the workout creator.


Of course. I can also just adjust the percentages on the fly during the workout.

However my meaning of adjustable intervals would be to make for example the VO2 Max intervals personal to you as a rider, just as the Sufferfest 4DP test tries to do whether successfully or not. If your repeatable 3 minute power intervals is 125% of your FTP value whereas mine is 115% the prescribed workouts for each of us would reflect that automatically in our sessions.

I’ve got a very flat power profile, if I own a fast twitch fibre I’ve yet to find it but am a decent long distance TT’er/triathlete. To be able to adjust types of interval independently of each other would be a genuinely useful addition to TR and make the software more responsive to individuals strengths and weaknesses much more elegantly than using the current workout creator.

I don’t buy into the “FTP is dead” hyperbole from Sufferfest, which is largely a marketing ploy anyway, but riding is much more multi dimensional than single percentages of FTP for everybody, as the guys at TR are well aware I’m sure. Taking inputs from each riders historical data to shape future workouts could be a really powerful use of TR’s big data.