Sufferfest New Features - TR Killer?


Great thread. Great replies. Love TR and the community!!

Just a note that Peloton has also gone big on yoga and Zwift uses color coded zones, so while some clearly disagree, you’re not crazy and these are definitely things that lots of cyclists value.


I agree with the 4DP thing. If I wanted to be an all rounder I might be interested in my 5 second sprint or 1 minute power. However as a TTer it is slightly irrelevant to me. If I raise those numbers it might give me a better mFTP in WKO4 but it won’t actually make me do a faster TT , directly at least.


I appreciate the suggestions to adjust interval intensities on the fly, as well as the suggestion to change workouts via workout creator, but this is what we mean by adjusting specific intervals only:

Screenshot is from DC Rainmaker’s video. In my case, I’d like to adjust Vo2Max efforts only, with the recovery intervals unchanged.


Yup, there is a separate adjuster for each zone, unlike the TR one that hits the entire workout.

May not really be all that necessary for most TR workouts as they often focus on one energy system and zone. But I think it makes sense to have the separation option.

Ideally, an option to adjust all or individual ones may be the most flexible for users.


That could make for a very busy smartphone! There’s a lot of useful suggestions being made but I think it’s important to also consider the hardware they need to run TR on and how it would impact the GUI.

It would probably be fine on an iPad or tablet but it’s hard enough to hit ‘extend workout’ or ‘intensity’ on a small smartphone running TR whilst pedalling, at least for me anyway :slight_smile:

Maybe some of the more complex adjustments should be pre workout only or be limited to the windows/mac app version if ‘in ride’?


Agreed. I guess I’m conflating two ideas, both of which I think would add to the TR experience.

Firstly as you say have the ability to adjust specific intervals only much more easily than the current Workout Creator while leaving others like recovery phases unchanged.

Secondly, over time build from our historical data predictions on how future workouts could be structured to provide the greatest benefit to you individually while remaining achievable.

My use case is that I usually do all the ‘work’ on my MacBook and web, using the calendar and the like and then use my iPhone to control the workout so that would work for me!


Just alter intensity of the work intervals to whatever you want them…then ignore the target wattage of rest intervals…they are rest after all - I just spin legs and never really look at the wattage. Obviously no good if ERG mode


Agreed. But there’s no reason not to strive for improvement.


@Nate [quote=“Dan_Dima-ala, post:104, topic:8833”]

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LOVE the look of that… that would be a great improvement


My biggets request is for the plans to suggest ride changes when i miss one or two because of illness, injury or travel. Seems this question is asked often on the podcast, how to adapt a plan when it is interrupted. There are considerations to make here, and Coach Chad reasons. Might his smartness/skills/experience be encoded with the help of some AI possibly to adaptively adapt plans? That would be a killer feature for me.


Adapting plans might be on the list and I advocated for that. But AI is complex and could it even make worse in specific circumstances.

As you said there are those plan adapting questions on the podcast repeatedly and maybe it would be a first step to just integrate some of the standard recommendations as a simple to click action/dialog on a calendar day (without need for fancy AI) like:

  • Was ill? -> Give me 2 trainings to settle back in and then shift the plan back a week maybe and pick up from there again.
  • Missed because of other demands? -> Ensure to get the key workouts in.
  • … (you get the idea)

Of course if there is already some machine learning or even AI in the works (who knows @Nate :wink:?) that simpler approach would not be needed.


A lot of the suggestions have merit but they mostly seem to revolve around changing intensity, length or placement of a session.
I have the view that someone more knowledgeable than me has created the plan and therefore I will try my hardest to follow it and not consider dropping intensity etc unless I absolutely have to. If that is not too easy then that is a good thing in my mind.


How about keep the intervals blue and change the power line to reflect the zone? Red line for V02 Max- Orange for threshold etc.
Like someone stated earlier it’s pretty obvious what zone an interval is aiming at. What power is achieved (on non ERG mode) is another thing.

Regarding interval intensity, I guess the next level could be to automatically factor V02 Max intensity based on your power curve, say over the last month. Or do some tests to work out the where your FTP sits as a proportion of V02 Max. I guess this isn’t fixed so probably pretty hard and maybe unnecessary? How much does the extra 5% matter when you’re already at 120% FTP? I also quite lile the mental boost of upping the final couple of intervals if I can.

Anyway, as you say, nothing here would make me look elsewhere. I’d probably buy a SF video if they were still available but TR is the only sub for me.


The is some kind of alternative already…I think as long as you keep this bar green you’re in the correct zone


You’re right. I forgot about this as all I focus on is the number, cadence (ish) and pedalling smoothly… I guess I wouldn’t change anything then :+1:


I have the view that someone more knowledgeable than me has created the plan and therefore I will try my hardest to follow it and not consider dropping intensity etc unless I absolutely have to. If that is not too easy then that is a good thing in my mind.

No doubt. I feel that way 100%. But he also recommends in some workouts (e.g., Bluebell) to assess how we feel and ramp up intensity if certain intervals/sets are too easy. And I have noticed that Vo2Max intervals feel easy to me. A feature where I can automatically set Vo2Max higher than 120% is helpful.

Not sure if 120% vs. 125% matters, but if it doesn’t then why does Coach Chad recommend, through the workout text, increasing intensity if the intervals feel easy? It must account for something, right? I am genuinely curious to know.

We can certainly adjust intensities on the fly but as @JulianM said, why not strive for improvement? We’re all for TR’s improvement because we love their platform.


It’s because VO2max has a very wide “zone” – approx. 110-130% FTP – and it’s most likely different for everyone (think genetics). TR uses the industry standard 120% because it’s generally a good middle ground. CC tell you to pay attention and be observant of your own efforts and subsequent results, then adjust accordingly.

E.g. my personal VO2max is around 125% and I can crank out a few long intervals at this level; however, my more dependable and repeatable (important!) level is closer to the general 120% mark.

You’ll also notice the VO2max sessions are the only workouts where CC recommends freely adjusting interval intensity.


Agree to skip the AI. Just some basics (you listed them) and the Calender moving magic would be awesome. Not easy though, the latter part, especially if they start sharing with outside calendars through an iCal feed. Could get messy.


We think this would be a killer feature too :wink:


Should we create a separate feature request entry for that? Hope it’s not necessary as you already saw and commented here…?