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Base VO2max on an 5-6 min max interval?


@markbrouns Not sure I follow your question. I’m making a distinction (perhaps academic) between peak power on the road and what I would see for short durations (less than 5 mins) in a field test like 4DP (which would be higher). I was just making the point that just like we have a field test for FTP (ramp, 20 min x .95, etc), I think a field test for determining short power would be valuable. Many ppl respond to that by saying just take your max/peak in races or find a hill or whatever.

If I want to base intervals and zones on something, I’d rather base them on max efforts from a test of those power durations rather than 1) %FTP or 2) an arbitrary 1 min effort at some point in the past on the road that may or may not still be valid and is likely low even if it’s recent.

So 30 sec, 1 min, then 5 min power to drive anaerobic and VO2 intervals (which I think is your question). Not sure about 10 min but once you get toward 20min power you’re close to threshold power.

Sounds like they’ve got something in the works. More than likely just using workout performance itself, which would be cool.

That was long. Sorry :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::neutral_face:


My answer was a little short :grinning:

What I meant was: they better use a percentage (90%) of the 5 min max effort. This is also an estimation. If youre power profile is a typical pursuiter (high 1 minute power and low sprint power), 5 minutes is Too short…

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@markbrouns Yep, totally with ya now