Sweat Proof Headphones?


Anyone have good recommendations for headphones that won’t fail due to sweat on the trainer? *I prefer sound isolating.

I’ve gone through 2 pair of the Shure SE215’s. On a per workout basis I’m probably getting them for about $1 a workout but I’d like something to last more than 6 months.

Any recommendations?


Got some cheapie sweatbroof earbuds with the wraparound hooks coming from amazon today to use with the apple TV while training. Will let you know how they work.


Be sure to review the existing threads.


Not the cheapest but have been super happy with these.

Outdoors I typically just wear one (right ear) so I can still hear. Usually I listen to podcasts outdoors while riding. Battery life is 4+ hours but they also have a quick recharge feature if you pop them back in your case for 15 min.

Some other cool features are the ability to turn on a “hear through” feature that mics in outside noises. Nice if you want to wear both earbuds but still hear what is going on around you.

I also found they work great when taking calls and now I end up using them for a lot of conference calls.

Finally, Comply released some memory foam ear tips for them and this further improves the seal and sound quality.


+1 for the Jabra Elite 65t.

I absolutely live mine, added bonus of an in-ear HRM via Bluetooth so no need for a chest strap if you want HR with TR.


Totally forgot about this… need to try it!




I’ve found Anker Soundcore X are good. 12 month warranty and their customer service is pretty good. I have killed pairs of them previously but they’ve always replaced them.


I think my days of trying to buy sweat proof (bluetooth) headphones are over. I’ve been through loads of pairs including 3 pairs of Betron MRJ1060’ this year, twice replaced on warranty, which I actually really liked but didn’t last just like all the others :disappointed:

I’ve plumped for a cheap pair for under £4 from ebay and if they last more than a few months I’ll be happy.


Years of issues with earphones, bought Soundpeats last year…no more problems. :+1:

Pretty cheap too.


Try Bose soundsport. I love them


Anker Soundbuds. Been using them for 2 years on the trainer and never had any issues. They stay put too.


I use Sony extra bass earbuds on the trainer and in my woodshop. New they’re around $50, but I bought a couple of pair used on ebay for like $8 each. Never had a pair fail over years of use. As a bonus they sound pretty good too https://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDRXB50AP-Extra-Earbud-Headset/dp/B00JRD13T8


How do these do with sweat? I have AirPods but I’m a heavy sweater, and I’m worried about accidental Electro Convulsive Therapy.


I’m on Samsung Gear Circle. Sound quality… not bad, but really don’t care when having a workout on SS…

What like most: really comfortable and they are having a plastic (removable) arch which holds everything in place around your neck. So ideal not only for cycling but also for running and gym workouts.

Also - a button for track skip (i.e. next track) and nice way of volume control - swipe in an area around the button.

One thing which is irritating is it does not have a built-in battery level indicator. You can check the level only on your mobile (and you need a Samsung app for this).

Can totally recommend it.


Jay bird x4.:+1:


bone conduction headphones are the best solution for sport&sweat


I sweat a lot, never had any issue. I even wear them in the sauna.


+1 for the Jabra Elite 65t.


I pull three sheets of paper towel off a roll. I leave them connected and put it over my head.
This is long enough so that the middle sheet goes on the top of my head and the two end sheets go over both ears.
Then I put my over ear headphones on.
This way no sweat damages the headphones and anything I listen to is far better and more trainer noise is eliminated than if using any in ear headphones.
I’ve never found it too hot.