Sweat Proof Headphones?


I tried the Jaybird x3 they would stay in my ear until i started sweating. Then I would have to constantly push them back into my ear canal. Tried the different size ear hole things ,but I couldn’t find a winner. I’m now trying Bragi “The Headphone”. I’ve been using them for about a year. They stay in my ear and the straps on my helmet don’t rub or hit them in any way. They have been ridden in a full on down pour with no sparks or shocks. The charge last about 3 hours so not the best thing for those epic rides. Good Luck!


I second @Bplgocards. I sweat a ton (ring-my-shirt-out sweat) and the AirPods have been great. I have used them for almost every ride through SSB I & II MV and half of Build MV so far. I then use them at work almost daily. I know they are expensive, but they fit my ears perfectly and have been a great, trouble-free product with solid sound.

Damn, now I sound like an Apple fan-boy. I’m typing this on a Dell FWIW.


How long does the charge last on them? Enough for a 2 hour workout?


I get about 4-5 hours per charge, but they recharge in their case very fast.


I love my Monster iSport Freedoms. Over ear keeps out most of the trainer noise.


I use Jabea 65t also.
Great phones for running and indoor workouts.


So these came from Amazon, and used them during a workout this morning: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DXRQZ15/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Work great. Sound pretty good (CERTAINLY plenty good to watch TV/racing/etc during a workout), and sound carries in them fine even with trainer, fan, and my HVAC unit running 3 feet away from me in the closet. Can’t beat it for $19.95. Bluetooth worked flawlessly paired to apple TV 15’ away.


I think the cheap options make good sense as they can be more of a “disposable” option and if they last longer than expectations then that’s an added bonus.

I’m likely going to try the Ankers recommended above.

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I had issue with them. But for the price i can’t really ask for more.

Was more like connectivity issues. But i’ve tried soundpeats, mpowers, taotronics…all same kind of issues but same kind of pricing too… they’ll last a while too.


I too have been through about 10 pairs of various bluetooth headphones… including Anker, 2 pairs of Jaybirds (ouch, my wallet), and various chinese knock offs… all broke within 6 months… I’m now using a pair of Sennheiser wired headphones with a bluetooth adapter and they haven’t broke yet in the few months I’ve used them. If you’re really a “heavy sweater” and have broken multiple BT headphones but have found something that has lasted longer than a year, I’m really interested in hearing about it.


I loved the Sennheisers I had, sounded amazing, but they died on me a few years ago. I hope they keep working for you!


I love my Bose.


I’m not real picky but these are 300 rides in and going strong. Comfortable and don’t have to be charged often.

For $20 can’t go wrong.


Had some just like those. Dead in a month. Just call me the BT headphone slayer.


my soundpeats lasted about 2 + years…they died because i went riding with them in torrential rain (I couldn’t see past 10m in front of me) but otherwise i consider myself to be someone who sweats a lot (i stand in the heat and i sweat) and that’s chinese knockoff quality/pricing.


That’s a fantastic result for the dollars spent!

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I put mine through the laundry and it was fine. Go figure.


if only i could have such luck! I’m thinking about doing another round of “press my luck”, starting with the soundpeats @ under 20 bucks… but this crap adds up!


I’m surprised I didn’t see anybody mention Treks Titanium by Aftershocks. I love mine for both indoor and outdoor rides. Great battery life, you can still hear traffic around you, they won’t fall out of your ears. I’m not sure if they’re advertised as sweat proof but I sweat like a whore in church and it’s never caused an issue.

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I’ve got about 30 workouts with these so far and I’ve been pleased. Especially for the price.

Anker SoundBuds

Too soon to say how long they will last but so far they have been great. Thank you again for the recommendation.

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