Sweet spot base or triathlon base for cyclist who likes to run and lift?



Hey All,

I would consider myself a cyclist first and foremost and really want to boost my FTP now that I have a power meter and a Trainerroad account. However, I like the variety of having running workouts in my week. I am thinking of doing either the mid or high volume triathlon base plans where I would replace swimming with weight lifting, yoga or something else of that nature. My question is should I do this approach or use one of the sweet spot bases and just work in a run or two here and there?

In terms of what I see myself doing next year, it would largely be bike races (topping at around 60 miles), a few duathlons and maybe even a few running races. I also just want to be able to beat more people on my group rides.

Doing my ramp test in ~10 days once I complete my last century of the season this Saturday, but Garmin is estimating my FTP at 212 with a weight of around 77kgs.