Swim drill goals?


What are the goals of the different TR swim drills?
I use the TR swim workouts for my triathlon training and i’m not so sure for what the drills are beneficial.
Does anyone have a good destription or some good videos?


For triathlon-specific swim drills I don’t think you can beat the Swim Smooth site:

HD videos and a good explanation of each drill.

You need to be a member of their Guru site to view the videos, but it only costs £1.99 for the month.


Swim technique. Swim technique makes such a huge difference in swim speed and effort, an out of shape swimmer who has established good technique will glide past a very fit athlete who doesn’t. And a fit athlete with good technique… well, they’re the ones who get out of the swim leg at the front feeling like they haven’t even started racing.


Maybe i didn’t formulated my question enaugh precisely.
I understand that swiming technique is very importent.
What i’m looking for is a good description of the drills with a clear goal of them, so i know on what i have to look during the drills.
At the moment i just do the TR swim drills with out a clue on what specific part i have to concentrate me.
Thank you for all your replies


Ah, sorry for my confusion.

Hopefully the purpose of the different kick drills is obvious, as well as the sighting and bilateral breathing drills.

Catch up, half catch up, and single arm drills give you chance to work on synchronizing your breath / stroke rhythm, focus on one arm at a time, and position your arm before the catch. They also help you get used to having a streamlined body, particularly how the forward arm flows into the rest of the body.

Fingertips and thumbs is really two drills… fingertips helps you develop a higher elbow recovery (while keeping the hand low), and thumbs is all about developing a full stroke and not stopping your stroke early.

Fists helps you develop a catch and stroke with your whole forearm, “early vertical forearm” or “high elbow” catch.

The sculling drills help you develop a “feel” for the water and your drag in it.


I’m wondering if there’s a decoder somewhere?
F drills?
CU drills = catch up

but I’d like some specific examples of them as well…
If anyone knows of the link for abbreviations & drills outlined, I’d appreciate it.


@Maki_NarusawaTrotter - explanations in the link below.


Thank you!