T-Max Intervals -- Thoughts?


Was searching for I don’t remember what and came across the T-Max interval workout.

Created by exercise physiologist Paul Laursen (University of Queensland):

  1. Determine PPO via step test;
  2. Determine T-Max: ride at PPO until failure (~5min); total time = T-Max;
  3. Determine Ultimate Interval: Time@T-Max(0.6) = interval work; recovery = 2(work);
  4. Go for it!!! Do as many as you can;
  5. 2x/week with 2+ rest days in between.

Looks like ~2-3min ~140-150% anaerobic intervals.

This is pushing 15 years old so perhaps an outdated fad? Anyone ever partake? Results?


I have used this multiple times over the years and it’s a protocol that French researcher Veronique Billat developed and he modified I believe. . Was developed for runners and adapted to cyclists. She goes as far as to say results will come with only 1-2 per week sessions and three sessions is a wasted session. It’s still pertinent and useful at times. Billat used 1:1 for work/recovery ratios which I found more useful than Larsons methodology. I developed a bunch of these workouts using workout creator and have a library of variations.


Looking at the Optimised Intervals in WKO4, I think that is very much along the lines of what they prescribe.