Tabata 20/10 Intervals on a Smart Trainer


I am trying to do sets of 20/10 Tabata intervals. These are unpaced, 20sec max efforts followed by 10secs easy. Repeat until you feel sick.

I use a Wahoo Kickr and pedal power meter but I am struggling to perform these with the trainer modes available. ERG mode is not an option as they are unpaced.

Has anyone succesfully performed Tabata style workouts using resistance or standard modes within TrainerRoad? Ideally with the recovery being so short I wouldn’t want to be reaching over and manually adjusting modes/resistance settings.

Interested in other peoples experience of this!


Easy - big rig for 20 sec/small ring for 10 sec


Yup, Resistance mode and Big-Small ring swaps work well for me.

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What if our only option is a bike with single ring? Any suggestions?

Assuming you already have a wide-range cassette (likely if you are on a 1X), there aren’t a ton of options.

Shift fast on the rear, and be able to operate within a wider cadence range. That is an ineherrent limitation of that design.

As @mcneese.chad wrote, large range cassette and slow/fast cad. Undoubtedly harder, but can be done

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What the benefits of Tabata training ?

Try them and see :grin:

They boost VO2max and anaerobic capacity. They are very time efficient, and also pretty brutal.

I do them occasionally on my airdyne bike - which is a perfect machine for short intervals.

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