Tacx flux - Bluetooth connectivity



Had this trainer for a few months, seems to be okay but …when running TR from my smart phone, if positioned in front of the bike, there is considerable lag in the power target being updated to the trainer (sometimes minutes). This doesn’t happen if I position the phone to the side (level with saddle) so it is much closer to the trainer - I’ve therefore made the assumption that it is a BT connectivity issue between phone and trainer.

Whilst this works okay, is a bit of a pain to view TR app. Anybody else had this issue (and resolved it?)


Not very goods news, however I used the “workaround”. Please check before if you don’t have any other paired device which can interfere the bluetooth connection. E.g. watch, bike computer or
phones connected to phone (my old phone slowed down with too many devices connected via bluetooth).

It was even worse for me. Connection dropped from time to time and stopped the workout. I solved it just by running the app on laptop and ant+ module with cable. What’s more I needed to put ant+ module near by Flux, when I put the module near by laptop it worked in similar way like phone (power issue, dropped connection). Since then training with laptop and ant+ module is much more enjoyable for me (no problem with connection and possible to play music, audiobooks, netflix)