Tacx Flux S - any issues for anyone?



Hi all. Currently on my second Flux, but it sounds like a washing machine with bricks in when cold, then it clear a bit as I get riding. Anyone else had this issue at all? The walk from the car to the bike shop is a bit of a workout while carrying the Flux, but I’d sooner just ride it in the garage


Yeah I’ve had that exact issue. It’s a Warranty issue Tacx have been really good for my took two weeks or so and got a new one through the door and no problems with it. I like the flux ride feel but I believe this has happened to lots of these units so if I have another issue I think I’ll try the wahoo.


Thanks Paddy. I think if one, No.2 goes I’ll get a refund and look at the new cheaper wahoo. Looks good and wahoo are good guys


You can get a very good deal on some of the last Tacx Flux from Clever Training. They are 2018 models with 100 dlls off. I got mine and so far no issues. There is a mention on DC rainmaker page. Actually I was researching Wahoo core and it was like a news deal update at the top of the page. There is almost no difference besides some thru axle changes on the Flux S. According to DC rainmaker.


Thanks. Need to have a think. I was happy with the Flux, but it just has to be able to work when I get on the damned bike in the garage. Shirley not too much to ask?