Tacx Flux S - any issues for anyone?

I contacted the retailer first and they said to contact manufacturer. Tacx said to take it back to the retailer.
Second time I contacted Tacx first. They offered to collect the faulty trainer and deliver a new one without having to go back to the retailer
I’m in UK

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In the UK, your contract is with the retailer. Assuming it’s within warrany period they should be sorting the issues out.

It’s worth taking a look at the sale of goods act.

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Anybody else with a Flux S hear a popping noise emanating from the device? Mostly after a workout, but sometimes before, when it’s idle. These occur at irregular intervals.

I did wonder if it was something cooling post-workout, but as it happens beforehand too, I’m inclined to believe that it sounds like something electrical discharging…

Power cord is snug; no apparent damage to the plug.