Tacx Flux S - any issues for anyone?

I contacted the retailer first and they said to contact manufacturer. Tacx said to take it back to the retailer.
Second time I contacted Tacx first. They offered to collect the faulty trainer and deliver a new one without having to go back to the retailer
I’m in UK

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In the UK, your contract is with the retailer. Assuming it’s within warrany period they should be sorting the issues out.

It’s worth taking a look at the sale of goods act.



Anybody else with a Flux S hear a popping noise emanating from the device? Mostly after a workout, but sometimes before, when it’s idle. These occur at irregular intervals.

I did wonder if it was something cooling post-workout, but as it happens beforehand too, I’m inclined to believe that it sounds like something electrical discharging…

Power cord is snug; no apparent damage to the plug.

So I’m currently experiencing the squeaking, and bloody hell it’s annoying. Takes about 5 mins to get warmed up.

Mailed them, auto Garmin reply so far- hopefully it’ll be sorted quick.

I get this odd metallic “ting” that reminds me of a bimetallic strip flexing, I hear it after the trainer has been idle for 10-15 mins. I assume it’s harmless as it’s happened since new

After a year of use my 2018 Flux S belt started squeaking while cold. I’ve removed the cover while marking the holes with longer screws. It came off easily. There was some black dust residue on the belt and on the tension wheel (white plastic one) which I have cleaned with alcohol. Afterwards I have applied some silicon oil in a spray on the outer side of the belt. Not too much, just a few dabs that I have spread with a cloth.

I have also inspected a plastic ‘fan’ screwed to the flywheel and it was not deformed (a common problem to Flux models). Non of the rotating elements were significantly deformed and/or rubbing.

In the end I have removed the freewheel and the black axle ring, inspected and regreased them.

My Flux S is now as silent as it was out of the box. :shushing_face: Happy days! :laughing:


I had a similar problem with a Tacx Flux (without the S). I thought maybe the S-model fixed this.

I didn’t want to take any chances. I returned it and applied the credit to a Tacx Neo. The store gave me no problems on that. I wasn’t the first one and according to their database, Tacx was very unlikely to protest the return.

mine is still squeaking for the first 5 mins, yet to hear back from garmin.

Returned my flux (no s) because of how bad it sounded. Sounded like a belt was catching something plastic inside, Garmin just said it sounded like loose freehub body. Took it back and got a elite direto and no problems so far

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I in fact got a service replacement request from Garmin. The issue is, i wont have a trainer for up to 3-4 weeks, which right now is impossible to live with as I have a stage race in April. They don’t offer something you can use in the meantime. Rather pissed off to say the least.

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Mine squeaks badly for the first 30-60 seconds, then becomes relatively quiet after that. It works, don’t fix it.

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Mine too has also started squeaking on start up, it’s about 15 months old. Other than that it’s working fine


Hi, I’m based in N Ireland, bought a flux from halfords, returned to them after a month, was advised by tacx to do this, then having just put the cassette on the new flux it sounded worse than my previous, then tacx took over an sent me a flux s, been great. Perfect in fact, however it has started making noise on the intial warm up for a few mins then gone. I’ve had it now about 13 months

If it doesn’t get worse(tho your previous posts worry me), I can live with it otherwise my options are get a refund of 450 and buy a wahoo kickr core. Or as someone said they managed to get a neo, any advice on how you went about this? I should say halfords and tacx have both been great.

My plan is to do a @Petaaar to it if/when it gets much worse (a.k.a. open-Flux surgery). These are not nuclear reactors, the squeaking is certainly due to belt issues, a quick look-over cannot hurt.

I recently got my flux 2 sorted on warranty with a full replacement. The squeak got pretty bad and sounded like something was rubbing. Anyway, took 2 weeks to return which fell nicely with a recovery week and a holiday

If you want to consider a Neo you’ll need to contact Tacx support directly.

They’ll arrange collection of your unit, once they’ve inspected it and you want to upgrade to a Neo they’ll supply a discount code for a 70% price reduction for their online store.

I’m on my third flux, now a Flux S, which was provided FOC despite me being outside of the warranty period.

I purchased from my LBS who supplied a demo Neo while mine was sorted so I felt obligated to stay with the shop and their remedy.

Time will tell if the S is a more robust unit but it’s holding up so far.

I’ve opened a service ticket with Garmin over the “power goes all over the place” issue I’ve been seeing on BT. Apparently it’s already known with them. Sometimes, under BT, the trainer gets regular and cycling drops in power, both in erg and resistance mode. When this starts (usually at the beginning of a workout), the only solution is to cycle power to the trainer; the subsequent controller reboot clears the issue for the balance of the workout. It’s also visible as a wild power fluctuation in Zwift when climbing (and sort of ok on the flats and descents). It’s app-independent and BT-related.

An example:

I cycled the trainer power during the big drop after 6:00, and everything came back ok afterwards.

I did something similar. Returned my Flux and applied the purchase price to a Neo. I didn’t get a Neo for a Flux, but I got my money back in the sense that I could deduct it from the price of a Neo. Tacx was good about it. But that was before Garmin.

+1 win Tacx providing the discount code for the Neo. Just had my 3rd Flux go back under warranty and purchased a Neo with discount. Sent my Flux back on Tuesday morning & Neo arrived Friday. Quite a bit of emailing tennis prior to that though

I hope my email tennis is over, they actually sent me instructions on how to perform “open flux surgery” I told them there wasn’t a chance I was opening it as it hardly had 50 hrs use.

I told them my options as I saw them were to get a refund and buy a kickr core or get a neo at a major discount. I quite like tacx. How much extra did the neo cost with the discount? I only use November to march so I’m not spending a fortune. My main concern is the period I’ll be without a trainer.