Tacx Genius and ERG Mode


Ok my question seems to stem around how fast does ERG mode catch up or decrease with this trainer?

Did following before today’s ride.

  • firmware update
  • power meter calibration
  • set the ERG mode to auto (power match)
  • spin down calibration of trainer.

Then did ride : Baxter https://www.trainerroad.com/career/jbspillman/rides/44144366

It seems resistance from trainer takes a long time to respond to variances in cadence or power. Is this normal? How fast should it adjust automatically?

  • Tacx Genius
  • Stages 5800
  • Wahoo Speed
  • BT HRM


On large transitions such as sprint intervals jumping 50+ W my TACX Vortex takes about 5-6s to catch up. I’ve stopped worrying about it.


Do you use power match?


No, I don’t have a power meter. I depend strictly on the Vortex in Erg mode


Hi! new here with Tacx vortex, how often you do a calibration spin down? You do the calibration from TR app or from Tacx utility? Thanks!


I just got my trainer, you are supposed to calibrate before each ride. I just used the TR app cause I figured that was what I was using for my workout.


Once I set the tension with the TACX app, I just keep the the tire pressure the same so that shouldn’t change much. I am admittedly lazy and forget to do the TR calibration regularly, and definitely not every ride.


Yes on trainer I run higher PSI in rear so I have more tension on wheel and roller contact point. I will try setting it up in the tacx app too to see how that feels. I just feel like I am spinning forever waiting for it to catch up to the changes. I have not tried resistance mode, or used in the Zwift or other simulation apps yet.


There may be a trainer firmware update too when you connect via the app. I think however, it just can’t respond as quickly as one would like.


I am thinking of going this route the more I think about it… indoor vs outdoor Training and Riding is so different…