Tacx Neo - should I buy?



OK - a quick one for y’all.

I’ve been using a Tacx Vortex for the past year and a smidge, and closing in fast on 6000km of virtual tyre wear. Announced just today is a 26% saving on the Tacx Neo at two competing bike shops, dropping the price from around $NZ2500 down to $NZ1850 - about $NZ100 give or take from a Kickr4. This looks like really great value, even though it doesn’t have the faster chipset of the Neo 2, or a cool blue base (or proper cadence and some fancy schmancy pedal stroke diagnostics).

For the current Tacx Neo ONE users out there, are the firmware updates still rolling out? I just have this fear that if I get the ONE, then in very short time Tacx will no longer update or give two hoots about it.

Or TLDR… convince the Scotsman in me to part with some cash…

Cheers team!



I’ve upgraded from a KK Road Machine to a Flux (x3) and then a Neo. I’d have a think about what you want it for. If it’s soley for TrainerRoad, then I’d question if it’s really worth the outlay. However, if you want to use it on other platform, then it’s absolutely worth the money. It’s so quiet, the virtual flywheel gives as a realistic road feel as possible. It’s accurate and consistent. GP Lama uses the Neo and P1S pedals as his standard benchmarks. There’s a bit of movement in bike when you’re riding, and the roadfeel feature is great!

I’d recommend if you want a more immersive experience on other platforms, but if it’s just for TR probably not worth the outlay.


Neo for riding in virtual worlds (Zwift etc.) is excelent device - quiet and fast responsing. But for ERG workouts IMVHO virtual flywheel sucks - NEO is too strong and quick, SoD comes to fast. I’m not making ERG with NEO, but just taking flat world in Zwift and riding with plan from TrainerRoad app (Zwift commands resistance, TrainerRoad app is only reading data).


I used to own a Tacx Flux, that was my first trainer ever, and it broke after 2000 km’s. I subsequently sold the replacement Flux I got from Tacx and got the Neo instead.

After riding 1 year on it now I’m more than happy I did the switch. It’s an incredible device and I have to disagree with tadzikpl above with the whole ERG-mode. I run ERG all the time and it’s not a problem with the reaction. On the contrary I think it’s a bit slow to react if there are 15s sprints for example. But I can’t fault the trainer with that because it reacts as fast as it gets it’s signals.

My advice is to buy it. Mine has gone about 3000km’s on Zwift and 2 months on TR. Nothing broke yet and I just replaced the cassette, had one cassette extra and wanted to replace it, and the EDCO-body on the old/er Neo looks great.


I’ve used a number of trainers over the years and currently have a Tacx Neo as my primary trainer and a first gen Kickr as a backup.

The Neo is a beast of a trainer. Well built, very quiet, works extremely well. I use it primarily in ERG mode in TR and it works great. For short sprints and VO2 max work, I’ll sometimes do them in Resistance mode so I’m not limited by TR settings, but rather can ride above or below as needed.

It seems in your question you were wondering if the Neo 2 had enough added features to justify the cost over the discounted Neo. Right now, I’d probably stick with the Neo. However it does sound like there could be additional features added to the Neo 2 in the future.