The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users?


What does the vertical axis indicate?


Percent of all users (male or female, depending on the chart).


Also looks like over reporting at 400. As if 390 isn’t high enough!


Thats some impressive data reporting. Very cool to see. Now I just need to get to the top of that bell curve. haha


Why have a 390 watt FTP when you could have a 400 watt FTP?! :wink:


One more female to chime in!

I’m currently around 3.2W/kg, hoping to be up to about 3.5 by March. I’m getting back into structured training for next season after goofing off for a couple months. Now with a few extra pounds and mentally weak for suffering! :sob:


I’m curious where you got the age information. It has been a while since I set up my account, so I can’t remember if I gave my birth date to you. Maybe the app asked for it, but I can’t find my birth date in my profile on the web site. (Don’t worry, I don’t mind you having it, even though I keep many things private.)


It’s asked during on boarding. If you’re a really long time member it won’t be set, but those people were not included in the results.


At 6’4”, 87kg, I feel a lot better about these charts. Afraid I’ll never be a w/kg monster.


You can be a flat crit MONSTER though; especially if you can make yourself aero.

That’s my goal, we have to play to our strengths.


This is what I try to keep in mind. Thankfully I live in Nebraska, so I don’t have to worry about climbing too many mountains :joy:

I’m relatively new to training for cycling (come from a running background) and I’ve been trying to focus on improving my diet and my body composition, but I’ve been careful to prioritize fueling my workouts above anything else–when you have adequate carbs in your system, it’s really like having jet fuel running through you in my experience. I just want to focus on maximizing my power gains before anything else.


Totally. The dude who won the Master’s Crit Nationals here last year was NOT a slim fellow! But he could sure smash out the wattage.


I find that if you fuel for your workouts you also tend to lose body fat just because you can do longer/harder workouts more often. When I get in a groove my body composition improves without even trying…and my power increases.

Plus I get to eat.

It’s awesome!


I agree! My weight has been pretty consistent, but there have been gains in the “mirror test” for sure.


No over reporting for me; I may even be sandbagging. Last year the beta ramp test gave me some high scores and made a lot of workouts impossible to complete - it was very demoralizing. I have been completing workouts lately, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to get myself onto the trainer. Of course it might be easier if the garage weren’t so cold. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand why anyone would over report. I want my workouts to be as close to the ideal zone as possible so inflating a FTP would make no sense. I keep a scale next to my trainer and jump on it before every ride just to look for patterns which helps me get a idea what and what not to eat. My weight varies up or down about 1 pound doing it daily but the weight I put in my profile is the weight I am the day of my FTP test. Being honest and accurate creates motivation for improvement.


Thanks Nate, I was super happy that although I have the same W/kg value as the median, I am 52 years old. Looking forward to seeing the data breakdown by age and gender.


It’s on this page already, just scroll a bit and you’ll find it.




Maybe unusual, but I do the opposite and round down to 300 generally… If I get sick or lose a block of training time, I re-start at 300 for a while until I find my mojo and then do a test prior to starting a block.