The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users?

I had about the same drop from a KK to KICKR

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I’ve been using TrainerRoad now for over 15 months now, It’s been a fantastic training aid, well worth the money. My set up for training is a Kinetic Road machine & a Stages power meter. I’m 49, i smoked 40 cigarettes a day, quit 10 years ago, started running, the progressed into road cycling 7 years ago .I have a FTP of 289, 4.3W/KG. 5 minute=342W-5.2 W/KG, my 2 hour record is 254W-3.8W/KG, but i cannot sprint for shit. I recently completed SSHV2 bar 2 training sessions, really enjoyed the plan. never felt a strong. Is it all down hill for me now? or will i be able to keep this level of fitness with a structured training plan.


Great info.
question tho.
What time of year is this data taken. At 47 I’m 3.7wkg now 262w at 71 kg. At my (still slow) best last yr I was 4.35wkg 294w at 67.5kg.

Would also be very interesting to compare by country… for example sadly 4wkg in UK doesn’t get you anywhere. Many of the local racers to me are 5wkg (ish). 4wkg is pack fodder.

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The time of year was when I posted. Doing it by country would be cool, good idea.

I plan on doing a bigger post about this later.


@nate. Great. Love this kinda data…my fellow TR buddies were complaining you might not have caught us (in the UK) at our best…lol.

You could do Bell curves by each members best and worse stats of the year. That would prove how TR works (it does BTW (2.7wkg when I started with TR and a power meter))


Cool feature (definitely would need to be user selectable) would be to automatically tell people what tranche (e.g., top 50%, top 45%, etc.) they are whenever they finish an FTP test. That is, the FTP test would report the new FTP plus a message like “congratulations, your new FTP puts in you the top XX% of all TrainerRoad users”


That could really discourage those on the left of the curve and/or give the wrong signal to everyone else.

congratulations, your FTP is in the top 98% of users

Your test result is there to set your training zones and not and end in itself.


Completely agree


It is quite a ridiculous concept when you think about it. The community is made up from a variety of people, why would you single some out as being better than others.

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Agreed, I could see it being very demotivating to start structured training for the first time only to see a message saying that 98% of people are better than you.

We are working to make ourselves better, and those who are competing already know how they compare to others.


We can do a better job showing individuals that they got PR for their rides.

Based on this data I’d like to show age adjusted all time PRs too, that could be neat.


How about including the PR chalice and count in the image uploaded with your ride to apps like Strava… may not be the right place in the forum for this response, but it came to mind when reading through this


I like that idea! @bnied Can you backlog that please?


Hey Nate, I might be asking for much but it’s quite hard to workout your ‘percentile’ score based on these graphs. Would love to see plots with percentile scores on the Y-axis (more or less a cumulative distribution function). Or you could just give me all the data and I’d work it out myself, I dont work for the competition I swear :wink:.


I’ve been meaning to do a larger blog post with all of this but I haven’t dedicated the time yet. When I do that I can add better percentile scores.


145 lbs ftp was 230. Likely 220 now.

When you do that please tag it at the top of the forum :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have a feature where you can compare your power data to all TR users by category? Might even be cool to break this down even further to area (for example how I would compare to other cat 4 racers in my state or general area).

Not sure if TR has a way currently to capture users race category, but would be cool to see how one would stack up.

It’s not interactive, but here ya go.

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If you are in the US, look at USAC’s Results and Rankings page