The Ironman in 2019 thread



Thx, this seems more logic :blush:


I forgot to mention - remeber this is perceived exhertion. So if you crank out Very Hard but your speed is very slow, (you’re tired, sick or even just poor form) it’s still an RPE8 session.


Big Squaw this morning at the end of base on the HIM plan, got a decent film in.


Struggling through Alice at the moment. Signal cut out 6 or 7 times so far right in the middle of VO2 intervals :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Another month into training! Today I have concluded the first half of HIM Base HV, with bike workouts from the MV plan. Next week is recovery. I feel that I’ve executed a good post-season for preparation, as I was able to absorb the workouts well, be energised and have little fatigue building up. I feel really fit.

The 0.8IF workouts of the plan bore the hell out of me on the trainer, and taking the long rides outside are not an attractive option given freezing temp at the moment. I have therefore decided to exchange the HIM Base bike workouts with the last part of SSB 2 for the next 4 weeks of the plan.

I used to go swimming in the evenings with the usual excuses of tiredness and social events. Now I have moved the swim workouts to the morning and adapted to getting up early. This was a huge success and I was able to hit all planned swim sessions.

Thank you all for sharing your plans and progress, really motivating to me!


Hi, I am preparing for The Championship (half distance) in Samorin and IM Kalmar. Testing this winter to swap my spinning classes for TR sessions on my first ever smart trainer. I am curious how that will work out. Interesting to find this IM thread in the TR forum. Good luck to all of you training for triathlons!


I find I swim significantly better in the mornings but unfortauntley my pool doesn’t open early enough when I am at work to allow this to happen


Funny how individual that is. I’m usually a good 2-3 seconds/100 quicker in an afternoon or evening swim than in the mornings.


Well done and keep going!

I usually start in January and leave swim until later in the year, this year - like you - I’ve found the morning swim, where it’s warm(!), something I can look forward to and similarly hit far more of the sessions than I thought I would.

Positive vibes!


Sounds like a big year, I think a move from spin to TR should reap rewards, but also psychologically it could be a challenge moving from a group setting to solo sessions. Make sure you have a big fan to maximise your output. :+1:


Found out last week that fans are hard to get during the winter here in Sweden. A bit off-season I guess. Fortunately our basement is comfortably cold during this time of the year. I am impressed by my first TR sessions and confident that can make my training more efficient.


if you ever feel you’re overheating, consider that on top of a cold environment a fan yields increased convective and evaporative cooling. I think amazon (DE/NL shop or US) also delivers in Sweden.

good luck, if you’re spinning classes were anything like the ones around here you will have a huge benefit from TR in comparison… :sweat_smile:


Hmm. Looks as though I will need to defer (or transfer?) my Staffordshire entry.

I’m due to attend a friend’s wedding on the 9th June, and I thought it wouldn’t kick off until mid-afternoon, which would give me time to finish and get there for the ceremony. However, I had the invite arrive over the weekend, and it starts at 12:30. :grimacing:

Not really sure what to do with myself, because that was the event I had set my sights on and had structured the first half of the year around.

Guess I could use it as an excuse to enter one of the European 70.3s that occur around the same time.


They’ll never notice you won’t be there for the church, if the service starts at 12.30 it won’t be done till 2, by the time the starters come out you’ll be changed and in your seat


I had a flight to catch out of Birmingham after I raced there in 2016 - if you contact the staff they may be able to get you in an earlier wave as they did for me.

Be careful that you’re not seen as trying to upstage their big day though!


Hi Everyone,

Just looking for a bit of insight regarding the run sections of the full distance plan. The base runs initially seem to be RPE 6. Is this what we might also call Zone 2 or endurance miles? Once I know this, I can work the rest out then!



I wondered this too… whenever I’ve used the McMillan pace calculator, I’ve always thought Zone 2 was between RPE 2 and 4. 6 would be closer to a tempo run for me.


Well that depends on what you mean by Zone 2! :slight_smile: What zone model are you referring to?

To me a truly aerobic run, nose breathing easily, is RPE 4.

My thoughts on the whole scale are here, but bear in mind this scale is all about perception, which will vary.


for me zone 2 65-85% of max HR. Currently doing all my long weekend runs at this pace and it’s what I have been advised the ironman run will be at. So in terms of pace - 10:30 to 11:00 minute miles. I appreciate that the zones are different depending on model but this has been working well for me (so far!)

I was only concerned that RPE6 was too high an intensity for early base period? Or am I getting this totally wrong?!?


I think you’re right and TR have it wrong :scream:

…at least as far as the text goes. As below, the calendar entry shows RPE4 but the plan text says 6:

This is from week 11 mid vol full base, but most of them in the I’m plan are incorrect in my experience.