The Ironman in 2019 thread



That’s exactly what I was thinking. I did my long run yesterday, 20km and average 11:00 minute miles and 70% of max HR rate. That would put me comfortably in Z2 and I would say it was my run all day pace. If I had to attribute an RPE valuable to the run I would say 4 possibly 5. This is the pace I have been told I should be running an ironman effort because of the nature of the race.

RPE 6 would put me in my ‘grey zone’ or zone 3 I think?


I wish! :smiley:

Aye, for sure. I think I’d just be relieved to sit down and get some food in me. I’ve told my partner I will be a cheap date that day.

Seems that you can’t defer a 70.3 entry, and at best get a 50% refund. I’ll have a think. Maybe Weymouth.


And finally there is the one acceptable excuse to not dance at a wedding :wink:


I’d appreciate if there weren’t two different and kind of misleading RPE Values in the plan.
The text is here more on point. The running pace isn’t important at all for the long runs. Just keep it slow.
It would be more helpful for me, if @Chad would name the targeted energy systems. Like “fat burning”, VO2max, etc. for example.
Somehow I don’t get my head around RPE, since my RPE during a long run is 1 in the beginning and 8 or 9 after 2,5h…:upside_down_face:


Thanks a lot @JoeX! That really did help!

I thought, I’d drink enough, but since I drink even more, I feel a lot fresher. At the same time I doubled the amount of vegetables I eat, so this could be a factor, too. And I take some little amount (1000) Vitamin D.
Fatigue is gone and I feel like I could switch to mid volume (but I won’t. No way I train 11x/week!). :joy:


Sounds like your pacing the long run right to me.


Aside from RPE, the simplest way to judge effort for long/easy running IMO is the talk test. If you can string a few sentences together you probably aren’t going too far wrong.


@Llywelyn_Williams @JoeX

concerning the RPE in the plan, there has been some discussion before as TR uses slightly different RPE than the classical scale from Borg. I can’t remember where I found it but somebody did the work to compare the different zones / RPE tables, see this google document

In my opinion the writing covers it all and the table is a solid base to work from


A question for the learned:

If I bump my A race back from June to September*, how should I fill my time?

I’m currently on week 4 of the low-volume half-Iron plan which would have me finish on the 9th June. Counting back, a September race wouldn’t require me to kick things off until the middle of March, but what to do in the meantime? Unstructured, ad-hoc exercise, another round of base training, some sweet-spot build?

* Thinking of either transferring my entry to Zell-am-See on the 1st, or Weymouth on the 22nd


What did you do before starting the HIM Base?


I’d done sweet-spot base vols 1 and 2.

ETA: After coming from a purely running background :wink:


I’d think about one of the cycling based Build plans maybe. Two ways of looking at it, you could look at the Sustained Build as it’s the most specific to your racing. Or you could look at either of the other two Builds knowing that your goal race is a way away and you could focus on improving other areas of your riding before the specificity comes later.

It depends to a degree on you relative areas of strengths and weaknesses and where you feel you have the most to gain.


Those ideas sound fair. Sustained Build should work out nicely, as I’ve a sportive on the 24th.
I think the thought of looping over the HIM base and build in such a short space of time felt a little discouraging.


I’m with you on that one. Mentally as much as anything else I find it’s good to be doing something different rather than repeating stuff in relatively quick succession.


Not sure if it’s a possibility but Lanza is only a couple weeks before Staffordshire so might you be able to transfer to there instead? In terms of training you should be able to get yourself in decent enough condition but obviously cost/logistics could come into play


If it’s a pure running background I would want to keep the swim training going. OW swimming starts around April, and I’d want to be on that.

If you can’t shift to Lanza, perhaps sprint or Olympic plans and a shorter distance event before Weymouth?


Anyone thinking of doing Outlaw X?



What’s that?


@iajackson @JoeX

Lanzarote seems a popular one, but it falls in October this year – at least the 70.3? I mean, that would work for me!

I agree about working on swim training – it’s probably a blessing in disguise as it gives me more time to improve. However, I think I will perform swim and run in a less structured manner for the next couple months before kicking off the HIM plan again, in order to peak later in the year. The Birmingham Triathlon falls in June, and I can now drop that into my calendar as dress rehearsal.


Its the tenth anniversary outlaw race 70.3 distance in a different part of nottinghamshire than the normal outlaw, the announced it last week