The Ironman in 2019 thread



I did see the email but the timing doesn’t work for me. I’m still considering the Holkham race though.


thanks for this, very useful!!


Hey! I’m 24 and have signed up to my first triathlon, Staffordshire 70.3. I used to swim a fair bit when i was younger and in the last two years have got into running and have completed (a very slow) marathon recently.

Cycling is by far my weakest of the 3, purely because i’ve never really done in before. I’ve bought myself a road bike and KICKR Snap. I came across trainerroad after getting bored on the Zwift trial period. In my 4th week now and really enjoying it seeing a significant improvement in my ability on the bike and the watts i can put out.

Very much enjoying it and this forum for improving my cycling knowledge!

Good luck everyone!


You forgot to mention Heartbreak Hill takes you up and then around the Lindt Chocolate factory :grinning:

@AustinPT, @Denchy is spot on with the riding around here outside of the race. If you’re looking for post-race options, whether road or gravel, happy to give suggestions or join you for a ride. I live 3mi from Heartbreak Hill & Lindt Chocolate Factory.


If it’s 70.3 specifically you are looking at then the one in Ireland on 25th August could be an option -

I’m signed up for this one and also considering Lanza in October as well


Welcome and good luck!

See if you can sneak in a sprint tri or Olympic distance before Staffs. Tri really isn’t three individual sports, it’s a single sport with three disciplines and you’ll learn a lot, a reduce your risk of failure if you do a few events before your A race.


Apologies, I assumed iajackson was referring to a half. It is indeed the full on May 25th as that’s the race I’m targeting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pays Daix 12th May is a great race, but it’s sold out
Barcelona 19th May is available
St. Pölten, Austria on the 26th I’ve heard good things about


Thanks very much! Think I’m going to try to get an Olympic in a month or two before!


Excellent! I’m staying about 1 km from the race site, near Bederstrasse and 3W/Manessestrasse. There’s supposed to be a route familiarization ride Thursday, but I’m renting a bike (high end Trek Emonda) and don’t know if I’ll have it in time. Might need directions or a guide up/down Heartbreak. Now, about this chocolate factory… : )


You’re staying near Sihlcity, the mall in the area and place for English-language movies (if you’re looking for downtime and want to watch a movie with German and French subtitles… it’s how all movies not dubbed are shown here – Kitag theaters is another and they’re in Zurich proper, but why go inside?). It’s an easy and short distance from you to IM Village. The roads – and cars – here are very bike-friendly (with exceptions, mainly narrowly climbing roads where a cyclist will severely hold up traffic, but there’s usually a sidewalk or bypass in that case).

Heartbreak hill is easy to find, ride, & exit. The ride on the Gold Coast (north) side of the lake is easy and enjoyable (the Silver Coast, south side, isn’t as posh as parts of the north side with its vineyards, but just as easy and safe to ride). The return from the near-Rapperswil left turn is less easy. I’ve not done IM Zurich yet (out of town last year, hadn’t re-entered triathlon the year before) but have ridden the route or parts. I can’t remember if this course passes a vending machine at a butcher shop where you can get all sorts of meats & cuts of meat… from a vending machine at any hour.

Lindt chocolate factory has its own (relatively large) store. It’s a wonderful place :wink:

By the way, I don’t know if you’re renting a car, but you really don’t need a car here. From the airport to where you’re staying, by train it’ll be perhaps 20min (likely with a change). From there, you won’t need a car to get around to probably anywhere you’re looking to get to. The train/bus/tram is an integrated system and comprehensive.

And if you’re looking for an after race recovery, is a good experience for recovery (good sports massages too). It’s about 2hrs by train(s) or 90min-ish by car.

BTW - if you’re coming with family, you could also rent them an e-bike to get around, or they’ could hop around the course on the train and spot you.

Also, know that prices are high – and variety often low, as in I can’t find caffeinated clif bloks here and those I can, are x2+ the price as in the UK and US – in Switzerland. So, if you forget something, well, forewarned. :wink:


@JoeX advice is spot on - transition is a discipline in itself and the more practice you get, the more confident and less stressful your race will be. It sucks to be burning mental energy beating yourself up about a missing bit of kit or a preventable mechanical* when you ought to be running :smiley:

*I’ve definitely been there! I did an olympic where the storage box on the back of my BMC bike just wiggled out of the slot when going over a bump in the road, then dumped its contents in the road, twice, then I dropped a chain going up a hill (where the race photographer was). Got off the bike so mad that my stomach was tied up in knots and my run started out as a jog :rofl:. Looking on the bright side though, I did get a negative split on the run…


Thanks for all the info!! You are now my go-to expert on all things Zurich. I will either be traveling alone, or dragging an ex girlfriend along as sherpa/traveling companion (long story, she owes me a favor). No car; I’m going to try to figure out the train system (airport to Zurich, Zurich to Interlaken and back etc) - might have to get some input from you on that. I’m bringing a large suitcase, so I’m happy to load up w/ Cliff products and bring them. Just say the word. A meat vending machine. I must find this.


It’s living in a postcard here. The last pic with the road on the left and lake in front is along the bike course. This is Lake Zurich and the village in the distance is Rapperswil (where the 70.3 is held). The other pics were from a ride south of Zurich / east of Lucerne. By the way, in the pic with the road, the yellow dotted line you see marks the bike lane. I looked for my pic of the meat vending machine… and…

One large suitcase will be easy to manage to/from train/bus/tram. No problem. For the trains/bus/tram, see Google Maps is pretty accurate with the transit schedule also.


That looks just stunning :+1:


do those cows realize they’re headed for the vending machine? does indeed look like a postcard


I love that Alps. I’d be there constantly if it weren’t for school/mortgage/etc


Those cows were honestly wandering the road on their own. It was on a climb when I heard the bells getting louder. I stopped and took a video as they came around the corner and walked toward me. I expected to see the shepherd but nope. A couple stopped next to / in front of me and looked me up and down and then continued down the road. Farther up I came across the pasture I think they left, not sure if escaped is the right word.


Really hope the IM course is bovine-free. Not what I want to see when I round a corner on a descent!


You can tell its the end of Jan, yesterday the pool was empty compared to the start and it will stay this way till next Jan.


Thanks for the reply @Joex

edit: Sorry I didn’t reply, bad at replying. Looks like I’ll actually get more training than I expected! Not really having time to swim, but bike and runs should happen. I ended up getting a little sick so an extra rest day may have been a blessing in a disguise.

Got the TT bike set up with a gen 1 Stages PM! Tested at 220W; 3.32w/kg (66kg). First time on the TT-bike but managed to do it all in the aero position! Looking forward to seeing the true numbers and how I improve.

What kind of gains have you seen in base/build phases of the tri plans? I trained using TR for about 2 months last season and did 5 weeks sweet spot base leading to starting the tri plan. So pretty new to structured training and looking to set some goals.

One more thing, I have to skip one bike workout this week…Do I do Mount Field or Cumberland?