The Ironman in 2019 thread



IMO. Cut the specialty 3 weeks short. Base and build are most important, usually.

3 weeks out of 28 weeks is no big deal


Welcome! A popular race it seems :grinning:

+1 to @AujujuSauce

Although my first thought is still to count back from your race date and start in the recovery week 4 if your three weeks have been solid (but unstructured) training?

Even the first week of FD mid vol Base is pretty tough going, so if you’ve been off your feet for three or more weeks you might want to break yourself in gently, which is what I did back in October.


Okay last roll of the dice!

Ramp #3 (aero) +4W from the October test. :trophy:

Forget margins of error, that’s a clear win @JulianM :wink:

Joking aside, I’m pretty sure I was upright back in October. I’d been off the bike for three weeks after a miserable race.

I can see now why people talk about maintaining two FTPs. The upright score (260W) shows my progress since I started on TR. The aero score (252W), the one I should use for TR.

Still it’s only 8W difference, and getting them close is the main thing, so I’ll go with the ego and see how the rest of the week goes. :biking_man:t2:‍♂




That’s real close to how I tested back in Oct. I’ve wanted to get more comfortable in aero, so just use my aero FTP all the time now. There was only 12W difference between my upright and aero tests, but it’s made a massive difference to how much time I can spend on the aero bars. If I was to do any workouts upright in the future I’d just bump up the intensity by 5%.


Wait, did you do 3 ramp tests today then?!



It’s the new TR approved protocol for Ironman triathletes :innocent:


I’m signed up for Eagleman 70.3, and Lake Placid 70.3, with a few sprints and Olympics as well.

I’m still relatively new to triathlons - I did one half last year, and ended the year with a full.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have rushed into the Full, and I should of waited an another year or two after getting a little more experience (this was just my personal experience).

Biking is a weak spot for me - I’m using the Half Distance Mid Volume plan, and really focusing on my biking this off season.



Hah! It’s not off season if you’re in HD MV! :grinning:


HOkay, enough about me it’s tome for a roll call!

I think these people are “in flight” with their TR plans, call out if I’ve missed you or included you erroneously.

How is it going for you so far?

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Hi all, I’ve never done a triathlon, but have signed up for the outlaw holkham half, plus a couple of olympics. Cycling and running is going well. But swim progress is slow. I’ve just started half distance base. Might try to do a 70.3 in Portugal in September in family allows it. Got a bike fit done on my TT bike this weekend. So looking forward to doing some of the “pioneer” style 80% workout in TT position. Goal time is 5hrs.


hi George,

Im doing Lanzarote too,

ive started in October with

Sweet spot base, low volume,
Full distance build low volume
Full distance build mid volume

This will take me up to 24th march. Ill probably do another full distance build, with some longer outdoor rides at the stage.

How is your training going ??


Thanks for the check-in @JoeX

TL;DR - I’m less terrible than I was this time last year :laughing:

A race: Calgary 70.3 on August 11th. B race: Chinook Oly on June 15th.
HIM B/B/S start Feb 25th.

Currently, I’m doing Oly Base MV with additional swim & xc ski sessions (pool schedule and weather allowing). Prior to this had done Trad Base but with Base 3 extended because I got sick during the second week. Also doing dry January so down a couple of lbs.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good in all three disciplines. The swimming sucked for a while because of the lack of pool time in December but I can feeling the consistency paying off. (hello baby triceps).

The cycling is my relative strength and I’m hoping to break through my FTP plateau this season. I feel like I’ve been losing and gaining the same 5-10 watts for ages and the weeks and weeks and weeks of base will hopefully set me up well. Combined with the weight loss my w/kg is possibly the best it has ever been.

Running is mostly treadmill at the moment with some brief forays onto the indoor track. Long run is up to an hour and I feel super slow but keep reminding myself that this time last year I was still on physio supervised run-walk intervals twice a week.


Hi all, thanks for the call @JoeX. I am now solidly into my training for Outlaw Full. TR coming up trumps for me FTP in September 166, FTP now 200. Consistency is the key. Hope everyone else is doing well in their endeavours.



Due to circumstance, have transferred from Staffordshire (June 9th) to Weymouth (September 22nd).

This is probably a blessing in disguise, as I was struggling to find swim coaching. Now that I have, those extra three months are going to be very useful in making my swim a little less painful.

Due to this, I pushed the HIM progression back, but am seeing the first attempt of HIM Base through to completion. Next up will be Sustained Power Build, and I’ll continue with base run and swims.

I feel that my cycling has come on leaps and bounds since starting with TR in October, and time spent in my aerobars is increasing, and getting easier with it. I’m already confident that my bike and run will be solid.

On the downside, I’ve already picked up an ankle niggle, likely due to increasing my mileage too quickly. I have been subbing in the Tour De Zwift for the missed runs, but even with rest it flares up again after each weekly brick. I’ve been attempting my own pre-hab routine to aid with recovery, but I suspect I will be visiting a professional this week.


Drop down to the Low Volume Plan and add in two strength training sessions per week. I did the Half Distance Mid Volume Plans in 2018 (Base, Build, Specialty) and enjoyed it, but found it to be a bit overwhelming with all of the other training, family and oh yeah work. :slight_smile:


@JoeX Currently on week 3 of HD MV. Did Berryessa and swam today (shifted workouts so I have sunday fully off and can make it a family day going forward). Doing as much as possible in TT position, I can handle it on the long tempo rides so Tallac on thursday will be the real test.

Currently following the Swim Smooth Guru training plan, took them up on the free month. Only season 2 and not coming from a swimming background I figured I should really hone in on form to make my swim more efficient and less kJ demanding.