The Ironman in 2019 thread



No. He’s a good Yorkshire lad :grinning:


At leeds? I’m sure I’ve heard an interview with a footballer come triathelete who was at leeds and the more I think about it the more I might be confusing the irish with something else.


I use a tempo trainer under my swim cap for speed work in mode 1 (set target pace, eg CSS-5 seconds/4 for a 25m pool) then I know that I have to aim to hit the wall on the beep for each length. We use the beeper in each lane during our squad sessions (lead swimmer has a beeper). It’s a great tool and I wasn’t able to replicate it on my 935 either.


Shouldn’t you be doing you time trials on different days?


Not sure what you mean? Perhaps I’ve I misposted something, but my swim TTs have been on different days. The 1900 TTs were at least a week apart, my CSS test was a different day too.

Those images are from the same CSS test, but in 100m splits and 50m splits for @AujujuSauce ‘s query.


I use a BTA cage and two BTS cages. In racing I swap empty BTA bottles for full ones from the back so I don’t have to fiddle with the BTS cages all the time.


For your css you should do your 200 and 400 on different days so each one is the best you can do.


Oh really? I’ve not heard of that protocol before.

Cheers! :+1:


Sorry I should clarify that: It’s not that adding sticky stuff to water makes it leak, it leaks either way; It’s more that if it leaks sticky stuff you’ll have a devil of a time cleaning up afterwards :rofl:


I’ve got a few mates who are doing Brighton in advance of a Full Ironman in July. I think you need to be aware of the recovery time based on your age, fitness etc. An easy week after Brighton would probably allow you to recover with perhaps just some swimming and easy (recovery) TR sessions.


I agree, my recovery time from a straight marathon is longer than an ironman.




First @JoeX needs to register… :smiling_imp::facepunch:t3::handshake::male_detective:t3:‍♂:call_me_hand:t3::ghost::pleading_face::crazy_face::joy::joy::joy:


And forget about that marathon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oi! You lot can leave my marathon alone! :wink:

If I get through ski week okay, I’ll register. Then there’s just the matter of the unexpected exchange student arriving in March - suddenly need to renovate our house before they arrive!


My advise: forget that Marathon so you can concentrate on your house (and TRI!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just kidding.
It‘s always hard when life get‘s in the way. But at the end it is just sport (although Ironman Athletes tend to not accept that (meaning me :upside_down_face:).)
I wish you all the best for all your challenges!


How did you land up with an unexpected exchange student?!


Just an averagely communicative teenage son. In other words, not passing on any information from the school until they wrote a letter to us :laughing:.

“So, anything significant you want to tell me?”
“Nothing significant today, or particular message you think I need to know…?”
“Nothing to do with your Japanese studies?”
“No, err maybe. There’s an exchange student coming”
“So a Japanese kid coming and living in my house, that’s not significant? You don’t think that perhaps I’d want to know that?”
“Not really.”



:rofl: how’s your Japanese?!


I spent the weekend doing the British Triathlon Federation Level 1 coaching course and could only squeeze in one workout otherwise, so now I feel guilty (I know, I know) :laughing: Having said that, we did a lot of drills so I got DOMS!

The course was interesting. I didn’t really learn anything new about swimming, cycling or running from a technical or performance standpoint but I got a lot out of it on the coaching side which was the intention. The assessment is in a month.

I also have my first ever professional bike fit scheduled for this Friday :sweat:. The fitter is a bit of an unknown in my club as we’d usually use the services of a clubmate who ran a bike fitting business but has since gone on a hiatus.